Beautiful posture: what exercises to do for correct posture

How can you feel more confident? On this topic, you can read many answers not only from psychologists, but also from ordinary people who tell their life stories. But today we will look at everything in a completely different way. Actress Amanda Seyfried once said: “To feel confident, you just need to stop slouching.”

Let’s start with this, that is, we’ll talk about how to correct your posture. Have you noticed that everywhere you can find even the youngest who already have big problems with posture?

Poor posture isn’t all that harmless. Yes, this is ugly. And yet, sooner or later, a curved spine will make itself felt with problems with the shoulder, hip and knee joints, not to mention back pain. Posture affects our lives.

Signs of correct and beautiful posture

Signs of correct posture – the head and torso are on the same vertical line, the shoulders are slightly turned, the shoulder blades are symmetrically located, the stomach is tucked up, the legs are straight, the gait is light and beautiful, the person is kept straight and without tension.

Consequences of poor posture

With an incorrect posture, the head extends beyond the longitudinal axis of the body (lowered forward or thrown back), the shoulders are hunched, the back is stooped, the stomach is protruding. With such a posture, the muscles tense, which leads to damage to the joints, a feeling of discomfort throughout the body, since the intervertebral cartilaginous discs are compressed and demorphized.

The last changes lead to infringement of the nerves extending from the spinal cord. Therefore, headaches, circulatory disorders, the appearance of cramps in the legs, arms, back and the development of certain eye diseases occur. Improper posture weakens the abdominal muscles, constricts the chest, which leads to difficulty breathing.

Poor posture can often lead to rapid fatigue, because someone who does not control his body spends much more energy when moving. And so, improper posture can cause the development of a variety of diseases.

If you feel uncomfortable in your muscles, then there is something wrong with your posture. If your body is in an uncomfortable position for a long time, the result will affect your posture.

Exercises for a beautiful posture

Exercises and rules for a beautiful posture

Our age betrays itself not only by wrinkles on the face, but also by improper posture. Most people perceive us as young due to our light and graceful movements, graceful silhouette.

And yet, few women pay attention to their posture and even more graceful gait. If you have the wrong posture, you are unlikely to look good even in a Chanel suit.

Experiments show that working on the body helps to gain flexibility and ease of movement. You can eliminate the existing shortcomings with the help of special physical exercises.

Among the many ways to work on the body, yoga is especially popular and widely known, in which the whole set of exercises to keep your body in good shape. You can do yoga at any age, and your posture and well-being will improve every day. There is another way to improve your posture – dancing. You can also do them at any age, or even better, choose the exercises that are most possible for you and perform them with music even at home. It all depends on your physical fitness and desire.

Among the many types of gymnastics developed for the spine, the gymnastics of Katsuzo Nishi should be distinguished. You can watch it on YouTube, and in just two or three views, master these simple exercises. It is better to perform them every day, allocating 15 to 20 minutes for this.

Only trained and strong muscles can create beautiful outlines of a figure.

During the day, in addition to the main activities, try to remember the task more often. Every day, go to the wall and stand for one or two minutes, like a soldier on duty, pressing with the back of your head, shoulder blades, buttocks, calf muscles and heels. You can stand it once a day for 10 minutes. Your muscles and joints will gradually remember and understand what they want from them. And we want to have the correct posture.

Walking on tiptoes with raised arms stretches the spine and back muscles.

Walk as if you have a book on your head. So you unconsciously tense your muscles, pull in your stomach and look slimmer and more confident (which is where we started).

Good posture rules

If possible, do this simple exercise often – rise and fall on your toes. This exercise strengthens the calf muscles well.

If your work is at the computer, watch how you sit at it. There should be about the size of a fist between the table and your stomach. The monitor should be straight, in front of your face. An office chair or armchair should have a firm and straight back. When sitting on it, try to press your back against the back of the chair as much as possible. Otherwise, if your chair has a concave back, gradually the shape of your back will follow the shape of the chair back.

In such a chair, you can relax, leaning on the back, but at the same time you move your eyes away from the monitor, and as a result, hyperopia will form. In other words, if you are sitting incorrectly in a chair, you will gradually ruin not only your posture, but also your vision.

And finally, for the most serious case of posture damage, order a special corset or bandage to correct your posture at the orthopedic salon. You can walk in it for up to four hours a day. With all the desire, the corset will not let you bend.

Good posture is the foundation of elegance and beauty. There is a certain magnetism in posture. She gives confidence, charm and attractiveness.

Author: Tatiana Dmitrieva

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