Beautiful wedding dress 2018-2019 Haute couture

Many Haute couture collections are completed by a model in a luxurious wedding dress. Usually, couture bridal gowns are very opulent and lush, especially from brands like Elie Saab. But today we will not limit the choice. In couture collections, you can find a lot of dresses that are not positioned as wedding dresses, while they surpass most of the outfits from wedding salons, because this is Haute couture.

Why buy a couture wedding dress?

Recently, fashion media and bloggers have been promoting minimalism and the pursuit of simplicity in everything. They seemed to prepare the population for the fact that in the near future the bulk of people will live easier. This future has already arrived, now simplicity has come into the lives of many people seriously and for a long time.

Only not everyone wants to limit themselves, especially on their wedding day. For most girls, a wedding celebration is the only day when you can afford to wear a couture dress. Militta chose dresses 2018-2019 from famous brands and outfits from lesser known fashion houses.

Alexis Mabille

Haute couture outfits are handmade, hundreds of hours of work of experienced craftswomen, the finest embroidery, sequins and beads sewn by hand, and most importantly, the uniqueness of the product. Many dresses are presented in a single copy, and if several girls ordered a dress at once, the Fashion House tries to take into account all the nuances so that girls in these outfits could not meet in real life.

A wedding dress from the couture collection is the embodiment of the designer’s skill and talent. These outfits involve the most labor and therefore have the highest cost. A rare girl can afford an Elie Saab dress, but there are couture collections from other brands where you can also find luxurious dresses. Let these dresses are not positioned by the designer as wedding dresses, because of this they are no less beautiful.

Ziad Nakad Luxurious Dress
Ziad Nakad

Ziad Nakad Luxurious Dress

What dress to choose for a wedding 2018-2019

Militta has talked many times about current trends in wedding fashion, and we always remind you how conservative wedding fashion is. Designers continually offer brides alternative colors and shades. In many purely bridal collections there are red, purple, green and even black dresses. There is no need to talk about dresses in pastel shades, these delicate colors can easily replace white at a wedding.

However, most brides still see their image in white. Even Asian girls, where white has been a symbol of sorrow and mourning for many centuries, choose a white wedding dress for their celebration. Therefore, we will focus on white.

Our ideas about beauty are changing, but not so much. The best decor will still be embroidery, including gold and silver embroidery, beaded embroidery, pearls, lace, feathers, fringes, frills and flounces, as well as the fabric itself. Haute couture wedding dress cannot be made of simple fabrics, only the most expensive natural materials!

Rani Zakhem White Dresses
Rani Zakhem

Rani Zakhem White Dresses

In addition to dresses in couture collections, you can find chic suits and white overalls. Such outfits are a good alternative to a dress, or maybe an addition. Today, many brides opt for two wedding dresses. The most formal part of the celebration takes place in a luxurious dress, followed by changing into a comfortable suit or overalls.

In the next post we will look at the best suits and jumpsuits in white.

Haute couture wedding dresses
Antonio Grimaldi
Haute couture wedding dresses
Antonio Grimaldi
Fall Winter Wedding Fashion
Eymeric Francois

30 couture dresses for weddings 2018-2019
Georges Hobeika

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