Beautiful wedding dresses 2020 from Marchesa

At first glance, Marchesa wedding dresses may seem beautiful and luxurious, but out of touch with reality. In fact, designers do not forget about the requirements of modern brides and the fashion trends of our time.

  1. The dresses are not only beautiful but also very comfortable. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig know how to create outfits that are comfortable for women.
  2. In addition to the dresses themselves, you can buy individual elements from Marchesa, and this is not only a chic veil with exquisite embroidery that will turn the bride into a fantasy nymph. You can complement the dress with sleeves that open the shoulders, additional ruffles and other elements. Marchesa invites brides to put together the perfect wedding look so they can show their best.
  3. Volumes and 3D. Marchesa does not pursue the most modern and questionable materials, but they do not forget about the popularity of volumes. Many dresses in the 2020 collection are decorated with 3D flowers and petals.

In wedding fashion, the trend is actively developing for simple dresses in the style of minimalism, which are decorated with a veil or other accessories. Just don’t forget that modern fashion is multifaceted. Therefore, we can see such luxurious collections.

Someone is fed up with femininity, and they wear a white pantsuit bought online and complement with white sneakers from their everyday summer wardrobe. But many girls still have their best associations when they see princess dresses.

Individuality means variety. Therefore, let us not be afraid of our desires. If you like luxurious outfits and are planning a wedding, you need to make your dreams come true, so as not to regret later that you followed the lead of public opinion, which inclines us to simplicity and minimalism. This is no longer an individual, but simply following popular trends.

When you follow popular trends, you think you belong to the best part of society, but in fact, every day you lose a piece of your personality. The wedding is the most important event in life, let’s conduct it the way our dreams suggest …

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