Beautiful wedding tracksuit by Naeem Khan

Until recently, the appearance of a tracksuit in a wedding collection seemed impossible and inconceivable. A wedding and a tracksuit don’t go well at all. Even a guest of the event, dressed in sportswear, looks a little strange at a wedding. This was the case until recently, but now the situation is changing.

Designer Naeem Khan offers a tracksuit for the bride in the current collection. Naeem Khan has vast experience and specializes in the most luxurious outfits for sophisticated clients. Therefore, the designer did a very good job of fitting the tracksuit into the wedding look.

If you add a veil and luxurious white sneakers or trainers, no one doubts where the bride is. At the same time, the image of the bride will turn out to be incredible and unforgettable in the best sense.

Tracksuits in wedding fashion

Naim Khan is not the first designer to experiment with wedding attire. Stylists and designers periodically try to dress the bride in a sporty style.

There is nothing surprising when Vetements dresses the bride in a tracksuit; you can expect any experiments and madness from this brand. Only at Vetements you can hardly find truly beautiful images that cause delight. Vetements simply surprises and shocks the jaded audience, but is unable to create real beauty.

Most of the looks from Vetements look shabby. It seems that many models from the Vetements show have just been discharged from the hospital. This is liked by those who are tired of traditional luxury and femininity, therefore, in search of new impressions, they will happily try on the image of a bride from a psychiatric hospital. If you do not want to deviate from traditional beauty standards, but you also don’t want to wear the notorious white dress, the Naeem Khan tracksuit is an ideal choice.

A tracksuit provides maximum comfort, but even a luxurious option like Naeem Khan does not suit everyone. We all want to get married once and for life. Therefore, when we are planning a wedding, it seems that it will be once in a lifetime. On this day, not everyone is ready for such daring experiments. A jumpsuit, a comfortable midi-length dress or a jumpsuit with a detachable skirt will be an excellent replacement for a tracksuit.

Wedding tracksuit

All these beautiful looks are from the current 2019 Naeem Khan collection. Designer Naim Khan works in a luxurious style, while not forgetting about convenience and the latest trends. Naim Khan grew up in Mumbai in a family of designers who create ceremonial clothes for the richest families in India. Trained in New York City in theater design, he later founded his own eveningwear brand. In all the designer’s collections, oriental luxury is combined with western practicality.

Wedding fashion is the most conservative, with almost every collection featuring long white dresses, lace, satin and puffy skirts. Naeem Khan has managed to combine femininity, traditional beauty and comfort.

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