Beautiful Women’s Fashion Spring-Summer 2021 by Andrew Gn

The spring / summer 2021 collection from the French designer Andrew Gn delights and delights us again. The collection is so thoughtful that it looks like a complete wardrobe.

This time, the designer also offers timeless cuts, with a fitted cut, A-line, midi and mini lengths, and in evening versions – floor-length dresses. There are no excessive volumes, everything is exquisite, and everything is in moderation. In this collection, a woman of any age will find the most interesting options. Almost every model you want to repeat and include in your wardrobe.

The show opens with white images that emphasize the symbolic meaning of white – purity and purification. Homogeneous in color, but different in texture (silk, tweed and lace), they are perfectly combined to form a single whole.

White dresses with fine lace trim, romantic skirts and blouses alternate one after another. Andrew Gn models always attract attention with their luxurious decor and finishes.

Let’s say right away that there is a lot of lace in almost every collection. Guipure lace and lace edging along the edge of the product in combination with fringe, delicate lace trimmings on a delicate fabric, voluminous flowers, and of course, the designer’s favorite, large buttons with rhinestones.

Massive jewelry complements the images, large earrings – flowers from rhinestones and pearls – harmoniously fit.

Women's Fashion 2021
Women's Fashion 2021

Guipure lace and floral appliqués add picturesqueness and relief not only to snow-white outfits, but also to modest suits with shorts for young girls.

Beautiful Women's Fashion Spring-Summer 2021 by Andrew Gn

A separate theme for the decor should be called collars with guipure trim and flowers decorated with rhinestones.

Women's fashion spring-summer

Black is always luxurious and elegant at the same time. “Times can be very dark, but there is no doubt that we will be celebrating again someday,” says the designer.

Women's fashion spring-summer

The spring-summer season is unthinkable without fresh ideas and a bright color palette, and a floral print will be the best solution here. The SS21 collection features cheerful colors of peacock pink, turquoise and chartreuse, with cherry blossom branches scattered on a light canvas.

Women's fashion spring-summer

The designer also offers colorful prints that he creates himself, for example, in the collection you can see the first flowers of spring in luxurious bloom – irises (the inspiration of his mother’s Japanese kimonos).

The designer’s things from previous collections, even during such a difficult time for the fashion industry, were sold out. “It also shows that there are always women who want beautiful things,” said the designer.

As you have already noticed, there are many everyday things in his spring-summer collection, but for all the simplicity of the styles, they are still beautiful, although “… less rich and less multi-layered …”. Andrew Gn believes that “… now is not the time for sophisticated clothing.”

An attractive and feminine accent in the collection can be called blouses of a simple cut with puffy sleeves, decorated with appliqués, embroidered flowers and multicolored butterflies. It seems that everything is so simple and concise, but at the same time luxurious and elegant.

For all its simplicity, evening dresses expressively emphasize the sophistication and elegance of the image, especially the black options. But there are also striking models in which elegance is ideally combined with playfulness. And this is one of the distinctive features of the designer’s handwriting.

Modern fashion dictates, on the one hand, minimalism and conscious consumption, and on the other hand, it offers to put on things that would have been a shame to appear on the street a couple of years ago. Such a fashionable trend is no longer considered a sign of sloppiness, on the contrary, it attracts attention. However, designer Andrew Gn thinks differently, and makes his plans, only simplifying the models, in favor of conscious consumption, but with the same timeless cuts and attractive proportions.

Its main clientele are socialites. And each of his collections is a reflection of graceful simplicity and quality. “My motto has always been to produce less, but only produce the best.”

Fashion trends 2021

In this challenging time, Andrew Gn’s Spring / Summer 2021 collection inspires optimism in us. “I am firmly convinced that, despite all the unknown, we must move forward.” – “We must strive for better times. We must move on. “

The Andrew Gn SS21 collection was designed in isolation, but it invites us to joy and instills hope, as does the sakura blossom, whose branches are depicted in prints. Sakura bushes and trees bloom in white, red and light purple flowers. Their appearance in Japan, Korea and China symbolizes the arrival of spring, and the pink color in the cultures of these peoples is the birth of life. Sakura also symbolizes feminine youth and beauty.

Author: Tatiana Dmitrieva

Fashion trends 2021


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