Beauty bloggers are people too. The Instagram star showed her real face

So far, her feed has consisted of photographs of her looking flawless – even while playing sports. But two weeks ago, 155 thousand subscribers of Australian Beck Lomas were amazed: the Instagram star posted a close-up photo of her face on the page – without filters, makeup, in natural daylight.

The photograph was accompanied by an honest signature:

“This is how I look right now. Acne, blood, soreness. It may not look that bad, but it feels very unpleasant.

My skin has always had a life of its own, and it’s unlikely that I will ever be able to feel normal without makeup. Even when there are no such big pimples and she looks smooth, I still feel insecure. I can’t wear clothes with a deep cut on the back, because the skin on the back is also imperfect. But the fact that I am not sure of the condition of my skin does not yet make me an insecure person. I’ve come a long way from a girl crying at night because of skin problems. Then it just made me depressed. So I decided to show you that you can feel confident despite small flaws. Everyone has things that kill our confidence, no one is perfect, but what seems to you the end of the world, others may not even notice. Happy people are the most beautiful, and I know how difficult it is to feel happy when you are focused on your imperfection. I want you to know that you are beautiful even if you have acne, cellulite or stretch marks. You are beautiful and unique, and you can easily be confident and happy, which will make you even more beautiful. These pimples are my flaws, they sometimes make me sad, but they are not me, and I will not let this kill my self-confidence. And don’t let your imperfections ruin your life! “

Beck Lomas showed that there is a huge amount of effort behind all the perfect faces on Instagram.



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