Beauty by September: what beauty procedures need to be done in summer

September is a kind of New Year. Even in the era of coronavirus, September is the beginning of a new business year, first time in first class, new collections in stores, finally. We have exactly 20 days left to do everything without haste to enjoy our reflection in the video chat of a business meeting. Irina Fedyaeva, a dermatologist of the TsIDK network of clinics, gives advice on which procedures to choose:

The main rule of summer care: no punctures, deep peels, and damage to the skin surface. The sun is still active and can leave scars and age spots on injured skin. Choose gentle face cleansing, body wraps, massages and be sure to restore your hair after a hot summer.

On the face

We remind you: no polishing or drastic measures! We focus on cleansing, nourishing and radiance.

What does the skin need now?

  • remove fine wrinkles that have arisen against the background of insolation and hot sun;
  • moisturizing and again moisturizing;
  • lightening age spots;
  • restoration of the protective barrier;
  • cleanse pores and remove blackheads.

Peeling PQAge, 4500 rubles

Pigmented spots on the face appear every summer. The most interesting thing is that we may not even notice them on tanned skin and find them at the end of autumn, when the tan disappears. To avoid any unpleasant surprise, it’s best to start lightening them right now. PQAge is a mixture of 30% chloroacetic acid, coenzyme Q10 and 10% kojic acid. Despite the high percentages, this is an all-season peeling that delicately exfoliates the skin without penetrating too deeply. Go to the mirror and make your faces: do you notice fine wrinkles? Touch the skin in these areas, after sunbathing, it looks like a thin dry film. PQAge removes this layer, exposing the skin to give you a chance to moisturize and smooth it. Renewal of the top layer also whitens the skin and prevents age spots from turning dark and stagnant. Do not worry, there will be no strong peeling. But you shouldn’t forget about SPF: choose those with a protection factor of 30 to 50.

Minus centimeters

The season to lose weight by summer is closed. We are starting a new marathon under the slogan “to lose a couple of kilograms by the New Year” is announced open. But, seriously, you shouldn’t do this in order to adjust yourself to the invented standards. Extra centimeters can be removed only for the sake of your favorite dress, but not for the sake of someone else’s opinion. And the dress can always be replaced with a new one.

What does the body need now?

  • hydration and nutrition after the summer sun;
  • removal of edema;
  • lymphatic drainage effect;
  • improving the quality of the skin.

Arosha wrap, 5500 rubles

The wrap hits three targets at once: volume, swelling and skin quality. Arosha wrap – bandage. The body is wrapped in a thin cotton bandage soaked in nutrients. The base is usually Dead Sea salts, hyaluronic acid and blue algae. If necessary, the master can add other elements to the composition. Unlike clay wrap, moisture does not evaporate from the skin, and due to the stored heat, the components are absorbed better. It is not a fact that after one procedure the scales will be minus five kilograms, but the quality of the skin will noticeably improve and the volumes will go away along with excess fluid.

LPG massage, 2500 rubles

LPG massage is carried out using a special apparatus with a handpiece. Before the procedure, you will be offered to wear a nylon suit for better gliding of the nozzle. The attachment grips or pinches part of the skin at a speed of 4 to 16 times per second, and the vacuum has an additional effect. This massage gives a good lymphatic drainage effect, breaks down fatty nodules that form cellulite and activates blood flow. Often, due to a sedentary lifestyle, blood flows poorly to the buttocks and thighs, this slows down blood circulation and spoils the quality of the skin. LPG massage fights these problems and visibly smoothes cellulite.

And your hair is flying

Faded highlights are great. Visually. But this is the result of burnout in the sun and severe dryness. The skin also suffers – it tans, the pores on the scalp become clogged with dust, and sea or chlorinated water dries the skin. The strands can be cut and the skin needs to be rebuilt.

What does hair need now?

  • food from the inside;
  • restoration of the scalp;
  • care after sun exposure;
  • growth stimulation;
  • strengthening of roots and bulbs;
  • giving shine and elasticity.

RPR plasma therapy for hair, 13,000 rubles

Plasma therapy is needed to heal the scalp and stimulate hair growth. For the procedure, blood is taken from a vein and processed in a special centrifuge to separate the plasma. After that, the plasma is enriched with vitamins and injected under the scalp over the entire surface. The injections are unpleasant and painful. But very useful: they nourish the bulbs, moisturize the scalp and prevent dandruff. It is better to be realistic and have a couple of procedures: we can hardly compensate for our walks under the hot sun and swimming in the pool without a cap in one session. But we do not regret anything. Only summer, only carelessness!

What else?

After quarantine, we eagerly walked around all the embankments, trampled down the nearest parks and discovered new terraces. And all this in light slippers and sandals. Podiatrists call autumn an ​​active season: girls run restore heels and remove corns… Yes, dancing in new shoes tends to leave its mark.

We advise you to go for a hardware pedicure and foot care. It is necessary to sand the rough skin, give it time to recover and nourish the feet with a moisturizer. A hardware pedicure will remove traces of corns, corns and even warts. And this needs to be done now, before we switch to closed shoes and the skin in open shoes heals faster.

If you never started running and drinking enough water, there is an opportunity to give yourself another chance. Scientists estimate that it takes exactly 21 days to form a new habit. This means that if today you download an application for monitoring water balance and go out for your first run, on September 1, you will do it out of habit, and not under duress.

Who regretted not starting do laser hair removal a year ago? Start now to enjoy a year from now. Yes, yes, this is not a quick procedure. Contrary to marketing gimmicks, you may need 8 to 10 treatments once a month. If you start in August, you will have perfectly smooth skin by May without unwanted hair.


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