Beauty International: chicken lipstick and tooth paint

The latest – and in some places slightly insane – news of the beauty industry: perfume with a penis scent, cream with nettle poison and cosmetics from Alicia Keys.

Riser Scent by Erica Badu

If you think that Gwyneth Paltrow is the only one who brings the smell of her vagina to the masses, no. Earlier this year, soul singer Erika Badu released Badu Pussy (also known as Badussy), which sold out in full in nine minutes. The composition included, in particular, the ashes of Badu’s underwear, which she personally burned.

The singer did not stop there. Her next launch is Morning Wood, which means not morning wood, but morning riser. It smells, according to Badu, sandalwood, pine and cedar.

The perfume will be on sale at at the end of August. The price has not been specified. Follow the announcements in Erica’s Twitter.


Chicken wings lipstick

There seems to be lipstick in a box with fried chicken wings, but not quite. To taste, they say, one can easily be confused with the other.

Yes, you read that right: KFC has released a lipstick. It is in one single color – scarlet (the same as the box for the wings). Promises to be super durable. It contains chili oil (i.e. chili pepper oil), which is added to KFC snacks. Should work as a plumper – add volume to the lips.

And now – good news and bad news. Good: lipsticks are free. Bad: there are only 400 of them, they are issued only to members of the KFC club, and the acceptance of applications ended on August 11.

But don’t grieve. Firstly, there is no such thing that one day will not start selling on Secondly, this is not the first time KFC has come up with such things. In 2016, they released an edible nail polish flavored with fried wings. So it makes sense to stay tuned to their cosmetic menu.

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If you’re feeling down, look for hamburger-flavored candles from MacDonalds.


Trend: colored teeth

There is a new trend at Tik-Tok – colored teeth. Chrom Toothpolish was launched on the market. They are applied in the same way as nail varnishes, dry and hold for 24 hours, and, according to the assurances of the brand, have no taste. Easily removed with a soft cloth or removed if hooked onto the tip of the cover. It is hard to believe (and it has not yet been verified), but it seems that this does not harm either one’s own teeth, or crowns, or veneers. You cannot use varnishes only if you have braces.

Delivery is possible to all countries of the world, the choice of shades is the widest, including gold-silver and glitters.

Price: $ 16-19.5 on the brand’s website.


Nettle anti aging

If in childhood you once climbed into the thickets of nettles and crawled out of there, covered with Volgars, you should know: you did powerful anti-aging procedures.

As it turned out, nettle contains a poison similar to bee. Its “stinging” action induces accelerated cellular regeneration, which provides an anti-aging effect. Nettatoxin toxin from stinging nettle is patented under the Heaven Skincare brand. Its owner, Deborah Mitchell, is the cosmetologist Kate Middleton and Michelle Pfeiffer. Prior to this, the brand produced cosmetics based on apitoxin (bee venom), but, as we can see, its range has recently been replenished with another poisonous novelty.

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Price: $ 84.73 in the official brand store.


Alisha Keys will release her cosmetics

The winner of 15 Grammy awards launches a line of skincare products with the elf brand. The name is still under discussion, as is the launch date. It is only known that it will take place in 2021, and the brand will be “developed by dermatologists, gentle to the skin and safe for nature.”

Source: MSN Lifestyle.

Henkel invested in Invincible Brands Holding

The Henkel concern (Fa, Taft, Bonacure) practically absorbed the Invincible Brands holding, having bought 75% of the shares. The concern includes cometic brands Hello Body, Banana Beauty and Mermaid + Me.

Why is this interesting? Because Invincible Brands is a group of companies operating on the D2C principle, that is, direct sales through social networks and online stores. In the last year alone, the holding’s profit amounted to $ 118 million, and in the near future, analysts predict, will only grow.


The ideal of Marc Jacobs

Body-positive Icelandic model Isolde Halldorudottir is the face of Marc Jacobs Perfect fragrance. More precisely, one of 42 faces of an advertising company that includes Lilah Moss (daughter of model Kate Moss) and Alec Weck.

But, perhaps, it was Isolde who attracted the most attention. She began her modeling career four years ago, winning a Love Magazine Competition for Kendall Jenner.

Since then, Isolde has appeared on the covers of several magazines, gave interviews to Vogue and posted many pictures on her Instagram under the fatgirloncam tag. According to the model, her mission is to remove the negative connotation from the word “fat”: “It’s just a word, it does not define me as a person,” she says.


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