Beauty International: Cosmos from Vicky B. and Patrick S. and arrest of Natura Siberica

The latest news from the beauty industry: a high-profile lawsuit against Natura Siberica, the new brands of Victoria Beckham, Wayne Goss and Patrick Star and the end of the Clarisonic era.

The court arrested the brands Natura Siberica

On July 22, Pervoye Reshenie LLC, which owns the brands Natura Siberica, Organic Shop, Secrets of Granny Agafya, published an open letter stating that illegal actions are being taken against the company.

On March 21, a fire broke out in a hangar rented by Pervoye Reshenie LLC. The company that owns the En + Recycling hangar (part of Oleg Deripaska’s En +) filed a lawsuit against the First Decision, estimating the damage at 4.5 billion rubles (about half of the company’s annual revenue). The court upheld the claims and arrested 65 brands of Natura Siberica, The Bell reports.

Natura Siberica producers claim that the fire was not their fault, the amount of damage is much less (490 million rubles) and filed a counterclaim against En + Recycling.

In an open letter, “The first decision” concludes: “We consider this situation to be the result of deliberate actions aimed at removing a major player and manufacturer of affordable domestic cosmetic products from the market. The Natura Siberica brand is widely known not only in Russia, but all over the world – the company’s products are successfully sold in more than 65 countries. ”

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We need your support! ⠀ Friends, our beloved clients, we have never addressed you with such requests before, but now – each of you is the one who can help save Natura Siberica. ⠀ We, Pervoye Reshenie Limited Liability Company, a Russian manufacturer of cosmetic products under the brands Natura Siberica, Grandmother Agafia’s Recipes, Organic Shop, Planeta Organica, etc., officially declare that illegal actions are being taken against our company that can lead to to a complete cessation of our activities, the closure of cosmetic industries and store chains, which will entail the loss of jobs by thousands of people and the disappearance of affordable and high-quality cosmetic products from store shelves. ⠀ On March 21, 2020, as a result of a fire that occurred on the territory of non-residential premises in Dmitrov, where Pervoye Reshenie LLC rents production facilities, the hangar burned down. The owner of the facility, LLC En + Recycling, filed a lawsuit against our company, assessing the damage at 4.5 billion rubles – a huge amount for any honest business, equal to the annual budget of a city near Moscow. ⠀ We claim that the fire did not happen through the fault of Pervoye Reshenie LLC ⠀ How to help right now: ⠀ ❗Repost this post on your Instagram ❗Find out the full text of our open letter: in this post or on our website. Link in the profile header. ⠀ It’s important now to get a fair trial in our case. yamnaturassiberica

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The first court session is scheduled for July 27.

Victoria Beckham launches lifestyle brand

Recall that Beckham already has a beauty brand Victoria Beckham Beauty. Now, according to the Sun, Beckham has registered brands Victoria Beckham and VB, which will produce candles, oils, creams and more. lifestyle products.

Parallels with the sensational, but profitable Goop Gwyneth Peltrow (the company is estimated at $ 250 million) suggest themselves. However, Goop’s success is largely based on scandal: Gwyneth sells candles with the scent of her own vagina, jade eggs to “enhance female sexuality” and vibrators. It’s hard to imagine that Vicky B. is ready to release vibrators in her impeccable sheath dresses. But who knows?:)

Patrick Star launches One / Size brand

The American blogger became famous for his tutorials on YouTube, released five collaborations with MAC and finally decided on his own brand. He is supported in this by the business incubator Luxury Brand Partners (they also own Oribe, Smith & Cult, R + Co), which allocated $ 10 million for the development of the brand.

The idea to name the brand One / Size came from a post on Twitter. Four years ago, Patrick wrote: “Sucks shopping plus size… Good thing make-up is a one size fits all.” Now it is the official slogan of the brand.

The funds will go on sale from July 30 – on the brand’s website and exclusively at Sephora.

Curiously, the first launch did without bright eyeshadows and lipsticks. Instead, Patrick released the oil-based Makeup Dissolving Mist and Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes.

Clarisonic closure

The brand, which made a name on the cleansing devices, announced on its Instagram that it was closing. Brand products are sold with a 50% discount.

Since 2011, Clarisonic has been owned by L’Oreal Corporation. At that time, the brand was considered one of the fastest growing and most popular in the world. What is the reason for the decision to close is not reported.

Meanwhile, Clarisonic founder Dr. Robb is preparing a new gadget – Opulus Beauty Labs. It is a device that mixes care products from disposable capsules with active ingredients. Opules have already been compared to a Nespresso machine that is filled with capsules like this to brew a cup of coffee. We wait:)

Wayne Goss cosmetics

British makeup artist and makeup brush blogger Wayne Goss has announced the launch of a full-fledged makeup brand. It took two years to develop the brand. The website has already launched The Luxury Lip Collection. Wayne says all shades are versatile and should suit everyone.

The collection is still modest – both in range and in production volumes, but, as Wayne explains, this is because he financed his business from start to finish.

The other day, Goss posted a photo of the case on Instagram, inviting followers to guess what’s inside. What do you think – shadows or powder?



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