Beauty over 50: how to have a beautiful cleavage this summer?

The neck and décolleté are very exposed areas, almost as much as the face. Unfortunately, they are also often neglected, while the skin is particularly thin and delicate. With the weight of the breasts, the décolleté undergoes accelerated aging. It loses elasticity and the dermis is depleted of elastic fibers and collagen. No matter how well you take care of your face, if we don’t pay attention to our cleavage, wrinkled and wrinkled skin will quickly show the signs of aging. Over time, other imperfections such as stains or unsightly little balls of flesh can also appear. But there is no inevitability, here is how to display a beautiful cleavage this summer.

Regularly massage the skin

Apply a specific treatment for the bust or neckline by making circular movements in the shape of a figure of eight around the chest and going up towards the neck in order to shape, firm and tighten the skin.

Apply a targeted treatment

The skin of the décolleté is thin and fragile. Treating it with dedicated and light care is particularly recommended. Beware of excessively rich textures which could promote sagging skin. You can exfoliate your cleavage once every two to four weeks with a very gentle scrub. The skin will be luminous and glowing.

Play the freshness

Keeping your treatment cool helps to intensify the tightening effect, according to Isabelle Ferrier, Physiodermie marketing manager. This also recommends a jet of cool water at the end of the shower. A trick as old as the world but terribly effective in stimulating blood circulation and firming the cleavage.

Get rid of imperfections

Skin tags are the small balls of flesh that appear in the neck, on the décolleté or even under the armpits, probably because of friction. They are either flesh colored or slightly darker and cause many complexes. No need to wait for an appointment with the dermatologist, it is quite possible to get rid of it safely and painlessly thanks in particular to a small kit of discs with dressings in just a few days (treatment of skin tags Excilor, 19, 80 €).

Make up her cleavage

After applying your moisturizer, you can apply makeup to your cleavage, just like you do to your face. If you use foundation, be sure to keep the same color throughout. Prefer a fluid texture so that it does not mark the folds of the neckline and apply it in circular movements starting with the center of the chest then extending the gesture towards the shoulders. Then, Julien Rol, make-up artist at Make up for ever recommends placing a small touch of highlighter above the collarbones for a sophisticated effect. Finish by applying a bronzer in the hollow of the chest. Go up with the brush following the curve of the breasts to draw a V with a semicircle on each side. Melt the material well on the skin for a subtle transparent result.

Protect yourself from the sun

In order to avoid the appearance of spots, sunburns or burns, it is essential to protect your cleavage with sun care. We think about the beach, but it’s often in town, when you wear a plunging neckline, that you forget it too often! Beware. In winter, you can treat dark spots with a depigmenting product to reduce their contrast and make them less visible (Anti-Dark Spot Brightening Youth Serum, Institut Esthederm, € 84.50, Brightening Neck and Décolleté Serum, Shiseido , 75 €).

Avoid perfume

Never spray perfume directly on your skin, let alone on the neck or décolleté. The alcohol it contains can dry out the skin and can lead to hyperpigmentation. Instead, spray it on clothes and possibly in the hollow of the wrists.

Stand up straight

Remember to stand up to free your chest and lift it up. Roll your shoulders back and forth from time to time.

Sleep in the right position

“At night, the positional habits combined with solar elastosis and the aging of this area will mark faster. If you sleep on your side, the breasts will mark a wrinkle in the center and this may settle permanently, ”explains Virginie Couturaud, scientific director of Institut Esthederm. So the ideal for her cleavage? Sleep on your back.

Thanks to Isabelle Ferrier, Physiodermie marketing manager, Julien Rol, make-up artist Make up for ever and Virginie Couturaud, Scientific director Institut Esthederm

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