Beauty over 50: tanned, casually!

I cheat with a self-tanner

This is the solution to avoid a pale complexion without risking your skin by exposing it to UV. If you are not an expert, choose a progressive formula, low in self-tanning agents (DHA and / or erythrulose), which increases the tan day after day. The day before, remove the dead cells with a scrub in order to obtain a uniform color. Pass a cotton ball soaked in tonic lotion to tighten the dilated pores, before applying your product by smoothing, from the inside to the outside of the face. Stretch the material towards the neck, ears and cleavage, being careful to avoid the eyebrows and hairline. Then wash your hands well, so that they do not get colored. Repeat the operation every day, until the desired intensity is obtained.

Our favorites: Capital Idéal Soleil Self-Tanning Moisturizing Milk, Vichy, € 14: a face and body recipe, which provides a luminous tan while hydrating the skin. Enriched with vitamin E, it ensures a fresh complexion day after day. Natural Bronzer, Garnier Ambre Solaire, € 12: a foam that melts on the skin, applies easily and dries quickly. Composed of 92% of ingredients of natural origin, it offers impeccable results.

I enhance with a sun powder

This must-have makeup works wonders on an already slightly tanned complexion and warms up pale skin tones. Choose it one to two shades darker than your skin. Avoid excessively iridescent formulas, which emphasize wrinkles, and excessively brown tones, which hollow out lines. Take the material with a bushy brush and sweep it from the edge of the forehead to the temple, then from the top of the cheekbone to the jaw, so as to form a “3”. You can touch the center of the face with the brush, without adding any product, to give the illusion of having sunk. Warning: if you wear foundation, choose tone-on-tone with your skin. It should be clearer than powder.

Our favorites: Poudre Soleil, Clarins, € 48: three shades in the same box, to adapt to different degrees of tanning during the summer, or to mix between them, for a medium intensity. Big Bronzer Golden Sun Edition face and body, Nocibé, € 18: a beige powder to mix with a little or a lot of pink, for an instant refreshing effect.

I add some with blush

A hint of color on the cheekbones, and there you are. You still have to choose the right tone. If you want to gain some pep, go for oranges which create a nice vitamin effect. An apricot or a peach for the lightest skin tones, a mandarin or a coral for the darker ones. Place the blush with a brush on the rounded part of the cheekbone and go up slightly towards the temple. If you’re in the mood for naturalness and freshness, add a drop of face serum to your brush. This brings fluidity to the blush and slightly dilutes the color.

Our favorites: All-In-One Guava Blush, The Body Shop, € 12: an ultra-fine powder, enriched with vitamin E and marula oil for a soft and silky texture. Cheek To Chic Ecstasy, Charlotte Tilbury at Sephora, € 39: two fresh shades, which illuminate the complexion with a few brushstrokes.

I optimize with a good solar

Soaking up the sun requires protecting yourself from UV rays. In town, during your walks in the park or your lunches on the terrace, choose a featherweight fluid. At the beach or during sports activities, prefer a formula that is resistant to swimming, friction and perspiration. In either case, consider smearing every two hours. The bright idea? Tinted sunglasses, which ensure uniformity and a healthy glow, while waiting for the tan to set in.

Our favorites: High Protection Light Fluid SPF 50, Nuxe, € 20: a nomadic format and a divine scent of vanilla and tiare that smells like the holidays. Tinted sunscreen SPF 30, Laboratoires de Biarritz, € 20: available in three different shades, it unifies the skin texture while ensuring optimal protection against UV rays and aging.

I complete with the capsules

If you don’t expose yourself, choose self-tanning capsules, which color the skin evenly and gradually thanks to plant pigments such as urucum, paprika, turmeric, carrot and copper (check that you don’t have medical contraindications). In twenty-eight days, it is the sunny mine assured. If you expose yourself, bet instead, two weeks to a month before your vacation, on a supplement that prepares for tanning. It will stimulate natural melanin and optimize color. Ideal for displaying a radiant tan with less exposure. His secret? Copper, for better melanin synthesis. Finally, if you are prone to sun intolerance, choose a composition rich in antioxidants, which helps prevent summer lucites.

Our favorites: Self-Tanning Luminous Tan, Biosens, € 8.70: certified organic self-tanning capsules, which exclusively contain active ingredients of 100% natural origin, for beautiful golden skin. Sensitive Skin Sun Care, Inelle, € 40: these capsules contain a pomegranate-based complex, which helps fight inflammation and photoaging while boosting melanin.



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