BeautyWhat to wear in autumn: 10 interesting collections of cosmetics

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Text: Tanya Reshetnik

Autumn collections traditionally considered more restrained, and at times dramatic and gloomy. But not this season – we have enough drama in life, and in a cosmetic bag we want a little holiday. The beauty companies did not let them down and remembered cheerful shades, persistent tints (for which the mask is not an obstacle) and meditative care.

Collection Easy Looks

on sale since September on the brand’s website

Clarins propose to focus on the eyes this fall – rightly believing that all other parts of the face under the mask are not visible. The autumn collection of the brand includes palettes of eyeshadows with six new palettes, a double-sided means for fixing eyebrows, a pencil for make-up correction, and at the same time three new shades of moisturizing lipsticks with varnish.

Round palettes of shadows are divided into fours – there are nude and sandy of varying degrees of saturation, jovial pink and two palettes with cold shades. All shades have a different coating effect, and they are collected in a palette according to the principle of a gradient. Their cost is 3300 rubles.

The eyebrow holder is a double-sided pencil. One side is a sponge applicator with a powdery, water-based pigment. It allows you to give your eyebrows the desired shape. On the other hand, a colored mascara with a gel texture, which is applied with a fine brush and fixes the eyebrows. The palette for such a tool is quite wide – it has five shades (1950 rubles each).

Another extremely useful thing is a pencil for correcting makeup with jojoba oil (1,700 rubles). The cone-shaped felt applicator allows you to quickly adjust your eye or lip makeup. The set includes three replaceable applicators, which are enough for 300 applications (after which they can be purchased separately).

Despite the mask mode, Clarins added Joli Rouge Lacquer in three shades to the collection just in case. It cannot boast of outstanding durability, but it nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin of the lips.

on sale in TSUM

In August, Gucci added several new products to their cosmetic line, which can be recorded in the fall without any stretch. These are five shades of nail polishes (1800 rubles) with a rich, glossy finish. The novelty will appeal to those who, during the time of self-isolation, got used to doing manicure at home or are afraid of another lockdown and want to be fully armed. And each shade in the palette is dedicated to the main characters and films of the golden age of Hollywood, so you can choose by name.

The lipstick collection has been replenished with three new shades in translucent ultramarine cases (3250 rubles). There are cheerful pinks, muted reds, and understated browns, all with a satin finish.

Bronzing powder (3950 rubles) – another novelty of the collection, intended for those who lacked the sun’s rays this summer, – is presented in five warm shades and comes in a “vintage” turquoise case with a golden frame and supplemented by an applicator. When applied with a brush, the product lays down in a thin layer and only slightly sets off the skin tone.

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Lip Gloss Le Riot

Haus Laboratories, Lady Gaga’s own brand, announced in the summer a new series of ultra-shiny lip gloss. Judging by the swatches, there is no less shimmer in them than in the reference Lancôme Juicy Tubes – which is quite expected: zero in makeup is back with us.

The series includes nine shades. And if translucent nude and lavender looks nice, but boring, then almost black in a tube and grayish-burgundy on the lips Vortex or neon purple Violet Disco make you regret the absence of the brand in Moscow. All shades can already be bought on the brand’s website or on Amazon (they cost an average of 1,500 rubles), and we just have to wait for the buyers of large Russian cosmetic chains to get to Lady Gaga.

Rihanna also did not forget about her own brand this summer: in July, Fenty Beauty promised to launch a line of skincare cosmetics. Previously, only decorative cosmetics could be ordered on the website.

The first three products from the new series appeared already at the end of summer – these are the so-called skin starters, that is, essential means: a cleanser for all skin types, toner and moisturizer with SPF 30. All products are enclosed in minimalistic lavender tubes with a minimum of designations – there is a lack of such asceticism on the shelves in the bathroom. The price is quite affordable – from $ 25 to $ 35 per can.

Rihanna does not plan to stop at three basic products, in the near future the series will be replenished with other products. We are humbly waiting for the entire series to appear at the stands in Moscow stores, but for now we are content with the brand’s excellent decorative cosmetics. It will also be replenished with fresh releases this fall.

The hit Fenty Beauty, the Snap Shadows eyeshadow palette, has a Wine version in shades of brown, burgundy and mustard, as well as a vibrant Money palette with rich emerald and gold shadows. Full Frontal Mascara is now available in greens and browns, while Stunna Lip Paint has an autumnal dramatic burgundy version of Underdawg.

on sale from October 1; places of sale to be confirmed

Swedish perfume brand Byredo will present its own line of cosmetics this fall. The collection was consulted by former creative director of Dazed Beauty, international director of Burberry Beauty and super popular makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench.

The series will go on sale October 1 – in order not to miss the launch, you can subscribe to collection notifications right on the site. Despite the fact that there is a month left before the start of sales, Byredo still does not reveal the cards and keep the contents of the collection a secret. Judging by the pictures that the brand publishes on its social networks, and Ffrench on its instagram, the line will include a full set of highly pigmented products for lips, eyelids and possibly cheeks. The makeup artist herself admits that she has worked on this collection together with the brand for over two years. It is not yet known whether decorative cosmetics will appear in Russia.

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The South African Bio-Oil brand has existed since 1987 and all this time it has remained virtually a mono-brand. The only and, it should be noted, quite popular product of the brand all over the world was Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, a moisturizing and nourishing oil that promised to cope with stretch marks, uneven skin tone and even scars. The product was produced in several formats and volumes.

This summer, Bio-Oil has a new product for the first time – Dry Skin Gel, a gel that turns into oil on contact with the skin and is suitable for dry and dry skin. Considering how rarely the brand releases new items and how modest its product line is, the new tool can be considered a full-fledged release. True, the company promises to push and release a high-oil moisturizer, aromatic body sprays based on rose, neroli and jasmine oils, sunscreen and shower gel by 2021. Considering that the gel can already be bought in most Russian cosmetic chains, we believe that other products will soon be delivered.

available from September 21 at Herm storesiss

Hermès launched its own series of decorative cosmetics less than a year ago – last February. For the fall, the brand has added three new shades of pink to its lipstick line. The series includes a rich and bright Rose Pommette with a satin finish, a dense matte lipstick in a cold pink shade Rose Nuit and Rose Ombré in a dusty rose color.

Not forgetting about responsible consumption and the problem of overproduction, the company made not only beautiful (admittedly, very beautiful!) Geometric lipstick cases, but also made sure that they could be reused. To do this, you need to come to the store with an empty tube and just choose a new shade.


Chanel also relied on pink this fall, apparently wanting to return us to our former la vie en rose (we must admit that this feeling was not enough in 2020!) And promising to turn pink into a new red. International designer for color and makeup Chanel Lucia Pica has collected the brand’s win-win hits in a series, diluting the usual palette with magenta, dusty pink and watercolor rose.

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The new collection includes a palette of four Les 4 Ombres shadows with all shades of pink, apricot beige lipstick for lips with a satin finish, matte liquid lipstick in a brown shade, saturated with red pigments, as well as a creamy stick-highlighter in a pale pink shade with a light shimmer. Several new shades of nail polish were added, as well as a pair of eyeliner pencils.

Body lotion Ceramidin Body Lotion

A slightly conservative, but therefore no less beautiful, Korean brand of cosmetics, like Bio-Oil, this fall also released a new product – Ceramidin lotion, which replenished the same-name line of cosmetics with ceramides that restore the protective skin barrier.

The new product contains five types of ceramides at once, as well as hyaluronic acid for additional hydration. Like cosmetics for the face with this component, the lotion is suitable for all skin types, but it will especially appeal to owners of dry, moody and prone to dry skin. And the moderately dense texture of the cream will perfectly fit into the autumn beauty routine, when there are not enough light fluids.

Your Dr. Jart + announced it back in the summer, the lotion appeared on the brand’s website in the last days of August, and in other stores it will be available in September.

on sale since September on the brand’s website

Dior’s creative director of makeup, Peter Philips, has updated the brand’s main bestsellers for the fall: 5 Couleurs eye shadows, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara and Diorshow 24H Stylo eyeliners.

The palettes, inspired by the Dior collections, have 14 new color combinations. There are four new palettes in the collection: Denim is inspired by versatile jeans, Mitzah is named after the muse Christian Dior and a fan of leopard print Mitzah Bricar, Rouge Trafalgar refers to the classic red outfits that are the basis of many Dior collections, and the Black Bow is a tribute to the black bow tie.

Mascara added durability and acquired new shades: blue, brown and promising silver. And the palette of long-lasting eyeliners has been replenished with new shades in matte and satin finishes – all combined in the collection of eye shadow palettes.

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