Bedbugs: 6 signs that should alert you to their presence

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Recognize the traces of bedbug bites

One of the signs that most often alert to the contamination of a room, is the bites, or rather the bites of these little animals. It is not always easy to recognize them, and to differentiate them from spider or mosquito bites. You wake up one morning and you suffer from sudden itching, red and round pimples have appeared on certain areas of your body (it can be a single leg, back, stomach, arm, neck …), check if these are not bed bug bites. The peculiarity of these bites is that they are often grouped together in a small area, as bed bug bites are rarely isolated.

Spot black marks on the bed

On light-colored sheets, mattresses or even walls, it is possible to distinguish tiny black marks (which are no more than 3 mm). These traces correspond in fact to the droppings of these pests. Spotting these traces can therefore alert them to their presence.

Observe small streaks of blood on the sheets

You can also spot another type of marks on your sheets, pillows, mattresses and box springs: small red streaks. There, it is the streaks of blood caused by the crushing of bedbugs during your sleep (when you turn around, change sides…). They can be easily observed on the surface of the bed.

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Bed bugs can be visible to the naked eye

These pests can be spotted with the naked eye: they are the size of a small lens (about 6mm long) and are reddish-brown in color. Bed bugs have an oval, flattened body, so they don’t have wings and therefore don’t fly. They move quickly on the surface

Surprise the little animals in activity

Bedbugs live at night, and feed on human blood while you sleep … If you are in doubt, you can turn on the light during the night and watch the sheet you sleep on carefully. Small bedbugs, which are active should move quickly and you should spot them in the light.

Infested corners

Do you have any doubts about the presence of bedbugs in your room? Check all the corners of the room, not forgetting any cracks (in furniture, the floor …), the folds of the bed … Because these insects, whose shape is flattened, can sneak easily everywhere, even in places very narrow (as thin as a credit card!). So by looking in every corner of the room and furniture, you could come across the favorite hiding places of bedbugs … And if their presence is confirmed, you just have to find out how to get rid of bedbugs. bed !

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