Before / After makeup hide your little flaws with just 3 products

Forget your redness or colored dark circles by learning to make up them well thanks to the advice of Joëlle Nonni, Eau Thermale Avène makeup and skincare expert. Small bonus: you don’t need only three products. Five women concerned by a problem lent themselves to the game and participated in a “before / after”, carried out by the expert. Discover them!

Before / After: how to hide your little flaws with 3 essential makeup

1 / Erase the bitterness wrinkles

Wrinkles say “Bitterness”, are located at the corner of the lips and can give a sad and stern look. To erase them, it is important not to force the makeup. Start by unifying the skin texture with a slightly iridescent tinted cream, which illuminates the complexion and avoids marking wrinkles. Then, apply a small amount on the whole face, by massages, to sober up simply.
Then choose a foundation a shade lighter than your skin tone, or a corrector if you find it easier to use. Using a brush, apply the material to the nasolabial fold and the bitterness wrinkle, then blur for a natural result. Finally, take a light powder with an eye shadow brush, and sweep it all around the lips. This will prevent your lipstick from migrating into the fine lines. Then apply a satin lipstick, in a soft color, to highlight the mouth without drawing too much attention.

2 / Reduce redness

The redness is often located on the cheeks. It is fair skin tones that are most prone to it. To reduce them, take a little green corrector whose color will counterbalance the redness. Pat the material on the affected area, until the color becomes slightly gray. Don’t try to make the gray disappear. Then even out the entire complexion with a well-covering foundation, the exact color of your complexion. Apply it with a sponge, in a thin film all over the face, until the grayish effect disappears completely.
To finish, refresh your cheeks with a touch of blush. Avoid pink, prefer a sunny tone close to sun powder, and place it on the bone of the cheekbone, before moving up towards the temple, and the top of the forehead. Stretch the blush on the neck, to bring light.

3 / Redensify the eyebrows

They play a very important role because they structure the look and the entire face. If they are too thin or too wax, here is the procedure to restore them to a nice shape. Start by powdering your eyebrows with a loose powder, which will avoid giving the pencil a gray appearance. Then redraw them with a mine of the exact color of your hair, in hatching movements. Avoid a drawing that is too rounded or too flat, and highlight the arc at the highest point. Lengthen the tail of the eyebrow, making sure to move it up towards the temple.
Then, to give a natural effect, brush a veil of translucent powder on the eyebrow, then brush the hairs with a brush to discipline them. Iron if necessary with the lead of the pencil on the sparse areas. As a final touch, illuminate the eyes with a pencil or iridescent eyeshadow. Apply it to the skin, just under the arch, and blend the material with your fingertip.

4 / Erase dark circles

The dark circles can make you look tired and gloomy. Here’s how to fix it. First apply an eye cream to moisturize the dark circles and prepare the skin for makeup. This will optimize its hold. Then, spread the foundation all over your face.
Then take a littleconcealer with a brush. Coral if your circles are brown, yellow if they are purple, light beige if they are medium. Place the material all along the ring, and on the vein, at the inner corner of the eye. Pat with the pad of your finger to secure. Finally, with a round brush, sweep a veil of translucent powder on the ring, to fix makeup. Finish by applying mascara only on the upper lashes, so as not to widen the eyes.

5 / Camouflage brown spots

They often appear after series of sun exposure: brown spots can be a source of complex. The expert gives us her tips to eliminate them thanks to the make-up. After putting on a moisturizer with an SPF to protect the skin from UV rays, apply a compact complexion cream, a tone darker than your skin tone. Apply it with a sponge, by tapping, for good coverage. Then smooth, still with the sponge, in order to unify everything.
For neutralize stains, use a coral colored stick. Take the material with a brush, in very small quantities and target the spots one by one. If these are not sufficiently camouflaged, add a little compact foundation cream on top. Finally, secure with a powder light which brings radiance to the complexion and helps to blur the spots if they are still a little present. If you wear blush, avoid brown tones, prefer a pink to sweep on the temples, especially not on the spots so as not to mark them.

Photographer: Jean Ranobrac. Make-up: Joëlle Nonni, Eau Thermale Avène make-up and skincare expert. Hairstyle: Cristina Vila. Styling: Lauriane Seignier. Director: Virginie de Tarlé and Valentine Buvat.



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