Beginner yoga: 6 yoga postures to know

The yoga is a Art of living which brings a well-being at a time bodily and mental. But, before starting the initiation, we equip ourselves with a comfortable outfit and close to the body, a yoga mat and an elastic gym band. We settle in a room of the house where we will not be disturbed. Ready for a beginner yoga session ? Let’s go for a sequence of six postures to be performed in the order below.

Sukhasana, the easy posture

The benefits of posture : she allows to refocus on yourself, of to concentrate, ofanchor in your yoga session.

– Sitting, legs cross-legged, hands resting on knees, palms facing the sky, we stand with our backs straight and imagine that a thread is pulling us from the top of our head towards the ceiling. We close our eyes and refocus on ourselves.
– To check that the position is correct: touch your sacrum and lower back to check that they are aligned.

Yoga posture Sukhasana © istock

The tree pose (vrikshasana)

The benefits: posture of the tree made work balance and focus. She muscle supporting leg, lower back and abs, the latter having to be well sheathed to hold the posture.

– Standing, we carry our weight on the left leg.

– Place your right foot on the left ankle, calf or upper thigh depending on its flexibility, but never at the knee, so that there is no pressure on the fragile patella. We open the thigh and make sure to have the hips at the same height. You can check by touching the bones of her hips.

– The hands are in prayer at the level of the chest, wide open.

– The eyes fix a point of balance about a meter in front of you.

– Then, we change legs: we carry our weight on the right leg, and we place our left foot at the level of the ankle, the calf or the top of the left thigh.

yoga tree pose

To closeyoga tree pose

Yoga tree posture or vrikshasana

The posture of the warrior 1 (virabhadrasana)

The benefits of warrior 1 : it’s a fairly complete posture who tones the whole body. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the legs, thighs and calves, those of the lower back and the abs that must be contracted, not to mention the muscles of the arms.

The warrior can feel a feeling of stretching of the back.

– Standing, bend the left or right leg (as desired) at 90 °. It is checked that the ankle and the knee are aligned.

– Stretch the back leg and move the hip forward, the bust facing forward, in line with the sacrum. We check that the back is neither arched nor round.

– The shoulders are low, the arms parallel to the width of the shoulders, and stretched towards the sky.

Yoga warrior pose 1

To closeYoga warrior pose 1

Yoga posture of the warrior 1 or virabhadrasana

The seated pincer posture (pashimottanasana)

– Sitting on the ground, legs stretched out in front of you, feet flexed.

– Take the elastic band in the hands, pass it behind the feet and pull on it to help bend the right bust forward, the stomach in contact with the thighs. We make sure to keep the back straight, stretched out to stretch it. Be careful that the chest is not in contact with the knees!

Yoga gripper pose

To closeYoga gripper pose

Yoga pincer posture or pashimottanasana © istock

The boat posture (navasana)

Sitting on the buttocks, tilt slightly backwards and raise your legs bent at 90 ° C in front of you, knees at chest level. You stretch out your arms parallel in front of you.

Yoga boat pose or navasana

To closeYoga boat pose or navasana

boat pose or navasana © istock

The corpse pose (shavasana)

The benefits : the posture ofcorpse is a relaxation posture to finish the yoga session.

– Lie on the floor, legs apart the width of the yoga mat, feet are turned outward. The arms are spread at about 45 °, the palms of the hands towards the sky. Check that the head is in alignment with the body.

– We close our eyes and inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth 3 times in a row so that the breath becomes longer and deeper.

– We stay in this position for the time necessary to regain a normal heart rate.

– To get up, you rock on the right side by bringing your knees to your chest and you use your hand to go into a sitting position and then standing.

And now your beginner yoga session is over!

Yoga Corpse Pose

To closeYoga Corpse Pose

Yoga corpse posture or shavasana © istock

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