Belly massage for weight loss – effectiveness, types and rules

Slimming abdominal massage helps to model the silhouette and get rid of extra centimeters. As a bonus, you get velvety, smooth and toned skin. However, not everything is so rosy – for a lasting result, massage should be performed regularly, and this can bring tangible discomfort.

The benefits of self-massage of the abdomen for weight loss

Slimming massage of the abdomen and sides has a beneficial effect on health and well-being:

  • strengthen the abdominal muscles and abs;
  • tension in the body disappears;
  • the gastrointestinal tract begins to work better, digestion improves, diarrhea and constipation disappear;
  • toxins and toxins are removed from the body;
  • problems in the work of the genitourinary system disappear;
  • blood and lymph circulate better throughout the body;
  • metabolism improves.

Why is this happening? Slimming abdominal massage is an effect on the skin, connective tissues, muscles.

It warms up the skin, increases blood flow and lymph circulation – stagnation disappears, more oxygen and trace elements enter the body, metabolic products are removed from the cells.

From massage as such, fat deposits are not destroyed and do not disappear, however, the mechanical effect increases gas exchange, oxidizes lactic acids, and reduces the amount of urea. But these physiological processes already directly lead to fat burning.

As a result, flabby abdominal muscles become elastic, excess weight and cellulite disappear. In addition, self-massage of the abdomen helps against congestion in the pelvis.

You should not expect instant results, the main thing is regularity. According to reviews, after performing 4-5 sessions, the waist may decrease by 2-3 cm, and if you massage the abdomen for a month, then its volume will decrease by 6-10 cm.

Unfortunately, the result doesn’t last forever. If you stop massage and lead the old way of life, then after 2-3 months his problems will begin to return.

Safety and contraindications

Carefully and correctly performed self-massage of the abdomen is a safe procedure. However, there are cases when it is strictly forbidden to do it.

Contraindications to belly massage for weight loss is the presence of:

  • gynecological diseases;
  • critical days;
  • skin diseases;
  • superficial abdominal trauma;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • pathologies associated with the lymphatic system;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • a sick heart and blood vessels;
  • tuberculosis;
  • thyroid disease;
  • ARVI;
  • suspicion of oncology;
  • kidney stones, as well as in the urinary and gall bladders;
  • internal bleeding.

The wrong technique of belly massage for weight loss will lead to undesirable phenomena. For example, with excessive pressure or rubbing, there is a danger of damaging the superficial and deep layers of the skin. And, in addition, in this way there is a risk of damaging internal organs.

Preparation for the procedure

before doing belly massage for weight loss, you need to take a warm shower

Abdominal massage for weight loss at home should be performed 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after. The procedure requires preparation:

  • The intestines should be emptied.
  • Remove the rings from your toes and trim your legs to avoid scratching your skin.
  • Take a warm shower, as it is better to massage the stomach when the body is warmed up.
  • When starting to self-massage the abdomen, it is necessary to apply oil (or cream) to the skin so that the hands glide better.

How to do belly massage for weight loss:

  1. The massage should be started by stroking the abdomen in a circular motion.
  2. The initial pace is smooth, slow.
  3. Then gradually increase the speed of the arms.
  4. Go to rubbing.
  5. With large fat deposits, it is useful to apply the following self-massage methods: crossing, sawing, forceps-like rubbing.
  6. The massage should be finished by kneading, stroking, patting.

Each stage of self-massage should last at least 3 minutes. Hot and reddened skin is an important benchmark for effectiveness.

After the procedure, cover yourself with a blanket and get some rest.

During and after the procedure, especially in the first 3-4 sessions, you may be bothered by pain, and after – bruises on the skin. This is normal. However, it is worth deciding whether you are really ready to lose weight with such “side effects” or you should not torture yourself and it is better to choose another method. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”


Massage types

Consider ways to independently massage the abdomen for weight loss.

Cupping massage of the abdomen

Massage, or vacuum cans can be bought at a pharmacy or specialty store.

After lubricating the rim of the cans with massage oil, attach them to the skin on both sides of the navel. Drive the cans for 5 minutes in slow circular motions. Move them in zigzags for another 3 minutes. Detach cans, and if necessary to remove fat from the sides, attach them to the sides. Move 2–3 minutes clockwise. Disconnect, rest for 10 minutes.

Abdominal plucking massage

Lie down, grab part of the skin on the stomach with your fingers and slowly touch the fold, pinching it slightly, while moving clockwise. Don’t forget about the sides. You need to start at a slow pace, gradually increasing the speed. You can also pinch counterclockwise, as well as vertically.

Water massage of the abdomen

In the shower, alternate warm water jets with cool ones, directing them to problem areas. Spend at least 10 minutes. After the end of the massage, rest for 1 hour. This type of self-massage is performed on an empty stomach.

Acupressure abdominal massage

acupressure belly massage for weight loss

This method came to us from the East. Its essence is the effect of self-massage on special points located on the stomach. There are 14 of them in total: 12 of them are paired and 2 more are not.

Lie down, bend your legs and use your thumb or middle finger to alternately press on all points in turn. This is the longest self-massage method – 85 minutes. In total, you need to carry out 3 stages. The first one is held for 25 days. After a week break, carry out the second stage: its duration is 14 days. After another week, carry out the final stage – 7 days.

Honey massage of the abdomen

2 tsp mix honey with 10 drops of essential oil. Heat the mixture to 37 degrees. Rub the stomach and sides with a mixture, do patting movements. To achieve the result, you need at least 10 procedures. With this method, pain and bruises on the body are possible. But it is one of the most effective.

Anti-cellulite abdominal massage

With its help, you can remove fat from the abdomen and sides, get rid of cellulite and “orange peel”.

How to enhance the effectiveness of massage

To make self-massage for slimming the abdomen more effective, it is recommended to use additional devices:

  • Finger or needle massagers stimulate skin renewal.
  • Brushes and massage mittens help tone and cleanse the skin.
  • A roller apparatus helps massage the abdomen and sides.
  • The magnetic massager improves lymph circulation and fluid distribution in body fat.

Slimming belly massage is a way to tighten the skin and shape the silhouette. It gives a noticeable result, in order to achieve sustainable results and get rid of extra pounds, you need to eat right and maintain physical activity.

Reviews of belly massage for weight loss

: alexandra800

Feedback: After a few months of weekly massage, the folds gradually began to disappear and the belly began to flatten. But! There is one thing. Pinch massage is effective only in conjunction with other methods of dealing with wrinkles and excess weight! And if you do it constantly, without interruption! At least a few months and a couple of times a week. I chose two days for myself – Tuesday and Thursday and strictly followed.

More details:

: Janna90

Feedback: I have been performing massage for three days now, and I can say with confidence that the stomach has shrunk and the skin has become elastic. This makes me happy. My weight is 51 kg. And as soon as I get better, everything goes just to the area of ​​the abdomen and waist (after reading the reviews, I decided to try, since there is not enough time for sports. Every day, before going to bed, I do a massage for When I am not very tired, then on the hips too.And today, looking at the stomach, I saw that it tightened, began to bulge less, and the skin became more elastic.And the appetite has decreased, I don’t know, maybe it’s because of the massage, but I don’t go to food before In general, I will continue and further. I recommend it to everyone!

More details:

: Katerina135

Feedback: The course of anti-cellulite massage consisted of 7 massage sessions and 4 honey wraps. I got the following results: chest – 101 (-2 cm); under the bust – 85 (-2 cm); waist – 83 cm (-4 cm); navel – 95 cm (-7 cm !!!); lower abdomen – 101 cm (-7 cm !!!); hips – 106 cm (-4 cm); frogs – 64 (-1 cm). The desire to lose weight and so that money would not be wasted gave me the strength to adjust my diet a little. I stopped eating at night. During the course, I did not drink coffee, alcohol, sweet, fried or fatty foods. I am delighted with the results obtained! Now 1.5 months have passed. the weight is kept stable in the region of 83 – 83.5 and the parameters are preserved.

More details:


Useful video about belly massage for weight loss



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