Best eye makeup: makeup artist tips

Less is Better

Apply the eyeshadow gradually, so as not to overdo it with color and to avoid smudges in the shading. Once you’ve picked up the shadows, lightly pat the back of your hand with your brush, or simply brush off to remove excess shadows. Take your time, blend the shadows, gradually increasing the saturation, and get the most accurate eye makeup and flawless “haze”.

Follow the order

Before applying the glitter eyeshadow, blend all matte shades in front of your eyes. Otherwise, the sparkles threaten to fall into the orbital line, where they should not be, because this is a natural darkening zone. In addition, they can crumble under the eyes and take a lot of time to touch up makeup. You can read about glitter makeup options here.

Arm yourself with a fluffy brush

If your Smokey Ice or Classic Corner still has crisp lines, consider using a natural fluffy brush. With its help, you can easily achieve soft natural shading. With such a “fluffy” you can walk over the eyelid without picking up shadows and erase all the boundaries of eye makeup like an eraser, or you can apply an intermediate color to the orbital line to blend the edge of the shadows applied to the moving eyelid.

Shade twice

If you are using a color product (cream eyeshadow, pencil, kayal, gel liner, and so on) as a shadow base, be sure to blend this first layer before applying the eyeshadow. If you leave a clear border of the colored substrate, the dry product will only fix it, and it will become impossible to “move” these stripes.


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