Blower or heating brush, how to make the right choice?

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Blower or heating brush, what’s the difference?

You hesitate between the two models? To make the right choice, define your needs. Heating brushes smooth the hair and allow to obtain a smooth brushing with a moderate volume. They are equipped with many pins between which the heat diffuses. On the other hand, their end is covered with a plastic ball thanks to which the temperature is tempered, thus limiting the risk of burns on the hands or the scalp (if necessary, this is a criterion on which should not be cut. ). Another important detail, this model can be used on dry hair only.

The blower brushes, in the shape of a “paddle” (square or rectangular) boost the volume of the hair thanks to the forced air. When they are round and rotating, equipped with one or more tips, they also allow to obtain a nice volume, but especially to vary the styles: smooth brushing, vaporous brushing, cascade of Hollywood curls… They are used on damp hair.

We take stock to help you find your way around, while introducing you the top 5 blowers or heaters

Air brushes are just as good as hairdryers

And for good reason, the best models are composed of the same functions. In other words, you are advised to be careful, first of all, of the power: 1200 watts is an average data to allow you to achieve quality styling.

Another criterion of choice: the temperature. To take no risk, opt for a model with a dimmer. This will allow you to modulate the settings according to the nature of your hair and your needs. Some models even have a not so trivial “cold air” function. It indeed allows better fix the styling movement got.

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The blower brush options have everything to seduce

Even if it means investing in a hairdressing device likely to last several years, you might as well multiply the selection criteria. If you can, for example choose a model with a ceramic coating. This allows the temperature to be evenly distributed. As a result, faster straightening and less sensitized, softer and shiny lengths and ends.

Top also, the ionic technology that some models are equipped with. As it works, the brush will release negative ions capable of eliminating the effect of static electricity created by positive ions. It also boosts the shine of the lengths.

Do not skip when choosing a blower brush

Whether you opt for a blower or a heated brush, certain criteria deserve to be taken into account invariably. Consider for example to choose a brush size that is proportional to the length and thickness of your hair. The round brushes are easily handled in short hair, while les « paddles » are ideal for quickly drying and straightening long and / or thick hair.

As with any other hairstyle accessory, adapt the length of the electrical cord to the configuration of the place in which you will be using it. It will make your life easier.

The correct method for using your blower brush

While waiting for it to reach its ideal temperature, distribute a little thermo-protective treatment (spray or cream) on your hair to protect it from heat. Using a comb, divide it in two horizontally. Reserve all of the upper part to keep only the one below. You will take large but rather fine strands to pass the brush gently from top to bottom. Proceed level by level until reaching the top of the head, so as to obtain a very uniform result. Once all your hair is styled, add a little shine by distributing a little oil or serum on the half-lengths and ends.

The best blowing, straightening or rotating brushes tested and approved by the editorial staff

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Ionic Air Brush AS121E, BaByliss, € 34.99

As powerful as a hair dryer (it has a 1200 watt motor), it offers a much easier use. In fact, it suffices to work the hair strand by strand with the rotating brush adapted to the length of the hair in order to dry it and style it at the same time. Convenient, the main end is ceramic coated, to optimize heat distribution and protect the fibers.

5 in 1 shine blower brush – HP8657 / 00, Philips, € 32.31

It combines all the criteria that make it a quality device for drying and smoothing hair at the same time. Multi-functions, the device is delivered with a very large square paddle, a root remover tip to boost the volume of the hair, as well as a round brush to give movement in the lengths.

Straightening Brush, Kealive, € 24.99

How not to fall for its girly candy pink color? His extra thing: little extra? The massage effect provided by its small pins at the same time as it performs the brushing. At the edge of the brush, there are longer pins, very practical for discipline the lengths during smoothing.

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2 in 1 Perfectionist Drying Brush, Revlon, € 39.90

Its “paddle” shape makes styling fast and very effective on long hair. Small in size, it nevertheless has three drying modes (1, 2 or cold) and a 1000W motor. The cold air function is ideal for fixing the movement obtained over time and for boosting the volume of the hair.

Blower brush – HP8663 / 00, Philips, € 28.50

His thing? Save you time thanks to a air diffuser nozzle to facilitate the pre-drying of the hair. The brush is accompanied by 3 other accessories (a “paddle” brush and two rotating round brushes). It also has a cold air touch, an ionic function and a ceramic coating … In short, this little brush has everything a big one.

Top 5 best blower or heat brushes

Blower or heating brush, how to make the right choice?

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