Blown neck – how to treat?

To properly treat an ailment, you need to understand its nature. Doctors call this condition myositis of the neck. The provoking factors can be different: a sharp drop in temperature, tension in the muscles of the neck, carrying weights on the back, sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Even complications of ARVI or tonsillitis can cause myositis.

As a result, some time after the influence of negative factors, the muscle fibers swell and spasms occur. Sometimes the pain radiates to other areas: shoulder, shoulder blades, forehead, ears, and so on.

Pain usually occurs after sleep.

The characteristic signs of the condition are as follows:

  1. The pain is localized in a specific place, on the neck to the right or left.
  2. When you press on the affected area, the discomfort increases.
  3. The pain increases with movement, head turning, bending, and chewing food.
  4. An increase in temperature, redness of the skin in the affected area, shortness of breath, weakness may be added.

How to treat myositis, a neurologist, therapist or pediatrician (if we are talking about a child) will tell you. The doctor will help identify the cause and prescribe the correct therapy.

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Meanwhile, you can eliminate the main symptoms when your neck is blown out on your own. If a person has already encountered this problem and understands that we are talking about myositis, treatment can be carried out at home.

The most common therapy is chosen warming ointments (some of them have analgesic effects). Ointments are applied to the affected area, trying to subsequently ensure complete rest sick.

  • You can make the ointment yourself. To do this, finely grate laundry soap, soak in water, apply on a cabbage leaf and sprinkle with soda. The compress is applied to the affected area.

With severe neck damage, doctors prescribe tablets… Non-steroidal and analgesic drugs help with aching neck pain – they stop the inflammatory process, lower the temperature, if any, and relieve pain.

Blown neck - how to treat?
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When neck pain bothers constantly or in the acute stage, use physiotherapy and alternative medicine methods… For instance:

  1. Dry heat is applied to the affected area, for example, a bag of heated cereal. It is important to be careful to avoid overheating.
  2. Acupuncture is a popular method of Tibetan medicine designed to normalize muscle tone and eliminate pain. Sometimes two sessions are enough to cure severe myositis.
  3. Magnetotherapy. It is a versatile analgesic used to relieve muscle weakness and inflammation and improve blood circulation.
  4. Myostimulation using current. The impulses go directly to the foci of inflammation, restoring normal metabolism and muscle tone.
  5. Massage – general therapeutic or acupressure, with the help of which the clamps in the muscles are removed, the general condition improves. If the pain from myositis is mild, there is no temperature, you can independently improve your condition by acting on the sore points by pressing your fingers, gently kneading, rubbing essential oil into the skin.
  6. Physiotherapy exercises can partially or completely stop an attack of myositis. The safest exercises are recognized as tilting and turning the head (without much effort), raising and lowering the shoulders.
Blown neck - how to treat?
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Myositis is not the worst pathology, but timely diagnosis and elimination of symptoms will not allow the problem to develop. You can use medication or conservative methods, but in case of severe pain and inflammation, it is better to see a doctor.

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