Bob cut: our best ideas for rejuvenating after 50

Ultra-trendy this season, the square cut is easy to wear and easy to adapt to every face shape. Long, short, straight, tapered, layered or with bangs … there are a multitude of versions that allow you to sublimate the features and camouflage certain flaws. After 50 years, if you want to soften the oval of your face and hide some fine lines, there are some forms of bob cuts that can allow you to rejuvenate a few years.

Bob cut: which one to adopt after 50?

Avoid very short bob cuts, just below the ears, and straight which will tend to harden your features and highlight the small defects of your face. The right option: choose a square cut a little longer, at the level of the collarbones like the very trendy shoulder square which will be perfect to create a flexible movement and frame the face in a harmonious way.
Favor full cuts, degraded only at the edges of the face, which will allow you to keep a maximum of volume and which will marry nicely the line of your cheekbones and your jawline. Finally, do not hesitate to match your cut to the square ofa fringe long, slightly tapering. This will allow you to hide fine lines on your forehead and focus attention on your eyes and on the lower part of your face.


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