Boro-plus ointment is a universal remedy for all occasions

In this article I want to talk about one irreplaceable cosmetic product. Ointment “Boro-plus” useful for all occasions. I take a tube of this cream with me to work, on trips, and also it is always at hand in the cabinet where cosmetics are stored.

Ointment “Boro-plus”

I have been using this cream for almost seven years now. As soon as it ends, I buy a new one – the cream is inexpensive, but very effective. I recommend it to everyone as a universal cosmetic product.

borough plus for acne

There are two types of this cream: it is sold in green and purple tubes. Green “Boro-plus” in its composition contains a collection of medicinal herbs, and purple – a mix of sandalwood and aloe. Boro-plus is a good skin moisturizer and antiseptic. Instantly removes any irritation, redness or allergic reaction. In addition, sandalwood mixed with aloe promotes rapid healing of cracks in the skin, and is also an excellent disinfectant. The cream can come in handy for cuts and is effective in fighting acne and skin breakouts.

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Also, these two different creams differ in smell and texture. The green cream has a more herbaceous color, while the purple tube has a floral color. Experts say that the effect of both creams is very similar to each other – the differences between them are insignificant. When choosing, they are most often guided by the smell, and also choose the right cream for themselves, having tried both options.

borough plus ointment

I like Boro-plus in green packaging better. The cream in this tube is more dense and the smell disappears faster. I am neutral to this smell, but I know that it will not suit everyone. It is too “pharmacy” or “herbal”. However, for the sake of the benefit of the remedy, you can put up with this small minus. In addition, odorless versions are sold. When the tube runs out, you will need to ask the pharmacy if they have one.

How can the cream be used

Firstly, Boro-plus can be used as a nourishing night mask. You need to apply the cream on your hand and rub it between your palms – the cream warms up well and tightens the skin. Then you need to put your palms to your face and rub with a thin layer.

borough plus herbal flavor

Secondly, it can be applied to the lips to avoid chapping. Especially the cream helps out in cold weather and windy weather. Not a single hygienic lipstick gives me such an effect as this cream. It is inexpensive, but the effect is very worthy. What could be better than natural ingredients and medicinal herbs.

borough plus lip balm

Thirdly, the cream can be used to prevent cracks in the feet and heels. I apply it once a week under special pedicure socks. After using the cream, the skin is always soft, delicate – the cream has a very beneficial effect on the health of the skin of the feet.

borough plus a bouquet of herbs

Other uses can be found. As I said, the cream is very versatile. It helps with all skin problems, including excellent disinfection, softening and healing skin problems. It can also be used for preventive purposes, so this tool is an indispensable component of your personal cosmetic bag or first aid kit. What do you use as a universal skin cream?

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