Bottega Veneta presented their autumn collection

Nature has purified itself so much that animal skins have returned to fashion. Of course, artificial. The fall / winter 2021 collection would be quite suitable for survival in the wild: there are tall fishing boots, and warming fur, and bird feathers.

The result is a worthy response to a changeable world: dresses that are suitable for party and for survival. A Jeff Koons-style inflatable jacket would come in handy in the event of a flood (like the one we see in New York now).

Bottega Veneta presented their autumn collection. It is suitable for life and for survival (photo 2)

With the same collection, Lee responds to accusations of the allegedly unjustified high cost of the brand. The materials from which the clothes were made are completely designed by the fashion house. Some of the items, such as a dress with 4,000 feathers, took at least 100 hours of handcrafting. The zebra print on the coat was embroidered with 4.3 million stitches. It takes 135 to 250 hours to create a “glass” dress. Craftsmanship, expensive materials – and questions about the price no longer arise.


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