Boy in Vogue: David Holberg

Natalia Turovnikova continues to acquaint readers with cool fashionable girls … Oops! Excuse me! Today Natalia decided on a provocation and shows you another, everyday side of David Holberg – a ballet dancer and the first American to become the premiere of the Bolshoi Theater troupe.

David Holberg in his own lingerie and coat

© Maria Popova

Lovers of classical ballet are familiar with the name David. He shocked Moscow with his incredible physical characteristics back in 2011, when the Bolshoi first chose him as prime minister. In 2015, David badly injured his leg, and, despite the fact that few counted on his return, three years later he again conquered the scenes of New York, London, Paris, Sydney and Moscow, where Holberg will appear in several productions in the spring of 2020.

On one of the chilly winter Moscow days, between rehearsals at the Bolshoi, we showed up to David with questions and a camera and made him tell us about his feelings.

David Holberg in a jacket, shirt, shorts, socks, Prada boots and a dance leotard from the Bolshoi Theater

© Maria Popova

Your first sense of beauty – memory, sound, light, music, mom?

The South Dakota grasslands where I was born. So spacious and uninhabited, clean, unspoiled.

Who inspires you today? Who are your muses, people, with whom are you glad to live at the same time?

Artists who just mustbecause they cannot but create. Creators who can do nothing more than express themselves through creativity, their vision and language. For which there is no other way. There are not many of them, but those are real, whom we cannot forget.

David Holberg in a vintage jacket Pal Zileri (Vintage Voyage), hat – property of Natalia Turovnikova; on David lipstick Chanel, Rouge Allure Velvet, 357 Camélia Rouge, Chanel beauty boutiques

© Maria Popova

357 Camélia Rouge What inspires you in dance today?

Sharon Eyal for power. Gosha Gusev for energy. Margarita Schreiner for shine.

What should we viewers look out for this and next season in dance?

To what I noted above: Gosha, Rita, and also Alena Kovaleva, Cesar Corrales. It is definitely worth keeping an eye out for the incredible artists, dancers who are at their peak and bloom like flowers in spring. These are Ekaterina Kondaurova (Mariinsky Theater), Semyon Chudin, Svetlana Zakharova, Katya Krysanova (Bolshoi Theater).

The last surprise in the dance?

Corps de ballet of the Bolshoi Theater. So much respect for them. I bow at their feet.

David Holberg in a Prada jacket and a dance leotard from the Bolshoi Theater

© Maria Popova

David Holberg in a Prada jacket and a dance leotard from the Bolshoi Theater

© Maria Popova

Does fashion exist for you? And in what form?

Fashion for me is an individual style. Style is your personal voice, not trends. This is how you keep your finger on your own pulse, and not on the pulse of current trends. My style is kind of defiant today. Sometimes I am too collected, sometimes too relaxed. Rather, everyday, quite traditional, but “with a fool”. I love wearing Prada with Nike sportswear. I often look like a nerd. But the moment I start trying to figure out what to wear, it all stops working.

David Holberg in a Givenchy Couture Vintage Dress (Vintage Voyage)

© Maria Popova

What was it like returning to Moscow? How has it changed recently?

My heart has been given to Moscow forever! The people, the crowd that revolves around the Bolshoi Theater for me are all amazingly friendly. Of course, after these years I feel confident here and know the city well, especially because of my Russian boyfriend.

David Holberg

© Maria Popova

You are constantly traveling around the world from one stage to another, from London to Sydney, from Moscow to New York. A few words that could describe these cities?

New York will spit you out if you stop running. London makes you think that “the grass is always greener.” Paris makes you realize that there are people who complain more than you. Moscow is hardcore. Sydney makes you enjoy the natural beauty of the Earth. I suddenly came to the exact realization: now that I have lived on suitcases for years and do not have a permanent home, a real home is where you are in love. And I’m in love with Moscow.

David Holberg wearing vintage Pal Zileri jacket and vintage Karl Lagerfeld pants (all Vintage Voyage)

© Maria Popova


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