Braid hairstyle: our original and trendy ideas to achieve

Long, extra long, short, sophisticated or unruly: the trendy braid is most certainly one of the oldest hairstyles on record. Even today, it has the wind in its sails and settles on the heads of many celebrities, in particular Shy’m with her crazy braid and more recently Meghan Markle with her hairstyle that totally changes her. More or less simple to make and easy to wear (at home or for any type of event): the braid is a timeless hairstyle to adopt this summer. Discover our best hairstyle ideas to adopt the braid.

Braid hairstyle: the waterfall braid

This type of hairstyle can be done on long or short hair. It brings a touch of originality to your looks in no time and can be worn very easily on a daily basis. The principle of the waterfall braid? Make a braid that goes from one side of the head (going around) by letting a section of hair fall out of the braid each time for a “waterfall” effect, hence its name.


Braid hairstyle: the fishtail braid

Particularly elegant, the fishtail braid can also be worn everyday. Practical for long days when you want to have your face clear while remaining stylish! You can definitely add a touch of originality to your braid by accompanying it with a ribbon, a very fashionable hair accessory this year.


Braid hairstyle: the French braid

This type of braid involves dividing the hair into three parts from the top of the head and then braiding them down to the nape of the neck. Result: a magnificent mat plastered at the top of the head. We like it for its chic and easily achievable side (as soon as we get the hang of it).


Braid hairstyle: the “pancake” braid

Your hair is thin and flat ? Adopt without further delay the “pancake” braid! The principle of this type of braid? Pull out certain strands of hair to give them more volume. It is more of a finish than a hairstyle itself. You can achieve this so-called “pancake” effect with any other type of braid (by pulling on a few strands to widen them). The ideal effect for women who are looking for volume!


Braid hairstyle: the headband braid

Ideal for lovers of bohemian looks, the headband braid is a particularly sophisticated hairstyle, which we appreciate for its variants. You can just as easily wear it as a crown, a headband or a bun. An ideal hairstyle for a wedding for example or to go to a particular event.


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