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Health crisis requires, some brands have played the card of originality by capturing their models and even their customers directly at home for their spring-summer 2020 campaign. Digital 1 – Coronavirus 0.

Unable to continue at its usual pace, the fashion world must resolve to review certain habits, including shootings of campaigns in the studio or in the four corners of the world. Following the Covid-19 and the strict hygiene rules, several of them have organized the shootings of their new campaign at the homes of the models or directly at their customers. A new way of doing things that produces intimate shots that stick as closely as possible to reality.

Creativity 2.0

Professionals had to explore digital options to immortalize the new collections. How to bring together all the ingredients for remote production during a confinement period? Jacquemus and the famous photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti tried the experiment by photographing Bella Hadid via the Apple Facetime application to realize the French designer’s spring 2020 campaign. And the result is nothing fancy. Gone are the days of blurry webcams, the quality allows the capture of photos that do not have to be ashamed of professional devices. So that the technique is spreading, evidenced by the shooting of Geogia Fowler for Russh Magazine, directed by the young Josie Musgrave.

Although reclusive, fashion professionals have not lacked ingenuity to bring the spring-summer 2020 season to life. Zara’s favorite models have received the latest novelties from the collection at home. The result is a lookbook with mastered poses where the clothes evolve in configurations that are refreshing at will. Without a framed shoot set and a dedicated team, the muses have highlighted the flagship pieces in their own way without the brand image suffering, on the contrary.

The last Balzac Paris with Marine, model for a day © Balzac Paris

Intimate and “Instagrammable” shootings

Home shootings have been on the rise since the epidemic. And for good reason, these photos with personal decorations fit perfectly into the codes of influencers on Instagram, a configuration pampered by brands for digital campaigns. As with the Zara lookbook produced by the models between sofa, kitchen and living room, Zalando has bet on “real life” to stage his sports campaign from a distance. Baptized “Together I am Strong”, the latter is presented as a video clip composed of images taken by eleven people at home during their sports routine. Riding the wave of getting back to sport during confinement, the online multibrand has completed its campaign with a hashtag and lessons delivered live on its platforms. What to place as close as possible to the reality of its customers.

The Balzac Paris brand has also followed suit and decided to put its clients in the spotlight, by inviting them to pose with its new collection in an apartment. No professional models, no artifice, just amateur customers who know the brand inside out and make it shine like no other. What better way to project yourself into the rooms of the spring-summer line? For fashion, distancing has taken on the air of reconnection.

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