Breastfeeding: our tips for getting your baby to the breast

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While many say that breastfeeding a baby is the most natural thing, it is not always easy to get a little one to the breast well. Here are some helpful tips to make breastfeeding easier.

For successful breastfeeding, it is important that the baby is positioned correctly. In fact, by ensuring that it is properly placed on the breast, you considerably reduce the risk of colic in infants, but also of breast pain and injuries such as redness or cracks. In addition, a good position allows better sucking of the baby, guaranteeing good weight gain.

Positioning the baby correctly at the breast: our advice

Knowing how well the baby is latched on is quite simple: while feeding, the toddler has the whole nipple in his mouth, and is sucking so that you can hear him swallow regularly. But above all, the breastfeeding should not be painful for the mother. If it hurts when baby is on the breast, then it is badly positioned.

1. We put ourselves in a comfortable position

The first thing to do to make sure the baby is on your breast is to find a comfortable feeding position. Sit comfortably and put a nursing pillow on your legs. Lay your baby sideways so that their whole body is facing you. His head should be at the height of your breast. You can also lie on your blanket and put your baby next to you, in a side position. If you have had a Caesarean section, you can lie down and put your baby on a pillow next to you, his head towards your feet, and his feet towards your head.

2. We offer the breast to baby at the first signs of awakening

Don’t wait until baby cries or screams before feeding, but offer your breast at the first sign of awakening. When he starts to wake up and moves around a bit – usually making little mouth noises – pull him close to you and offer your breast. A baby who is too nervous will have a much harder time positioning himself, which will cause difficulty in sucking and breast pain for the mother.

3. Make sure his chin is pushed in

During the feeding, baby’s chin should be pressed firmly against your breast, and his lips turned outwards. Don’t worry if your baby’s nose is against your breast, it won’t prevent her from breathing well.

4. Make sure your nipple is in baby’s mouth.

To do this, baby has to open her jaw wide and take your whole nipple or most of it in her mouth. Be careful, if it does not open wide enough, it may suck the nipple, which will make sucking painful and create crevices. To help baby open his jaw properly, put a finger on his chin and press very lightly downwards so that his mouth opens wide and makes an O.

5. Get help

If the feedings are painful, you see that your baby is latching on badly without being able to correct his position or that he is not gaining enough weight, do not hesitate to consult your midwife and / or a counselor as soon as possible. lactating, which will help you to latch the baby properly and to correct his position.

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