Breathwork: a conscious breathing method that helps fight stress

Is there a pregnant woman or someone with heart disease in the room?“This question asked at the beginning of the class makes me giggle inwardly. I find it hard to imagine how a participant could be the victim of an attack during a breathing exercise. It’s not knowing breathwork, a method of personal development based on conscious breathing. We find variants under the names of “transformational breath”, holotropic breathing, or rebirth. The session consists of taking deep breaths through the mouth at the level of the belly and the chest then to exhale through the mouth, for about twenty minutes without stopping, against a background of rhythmic music.To end with relaxation.On the physiological level, this hyperventilation increases the oxygenation of the blood and the brain and thus helps to release his emotions.

Very rhythmic breathing

Equipped with unusual accessories (snow globe, Tibetan bowl), Susan Oubari, a bubbly American puts us in condition: this course could change our lives. One hand on my heart, another on my stomach, I train myself, sitting, in this very particular breathing. Then lying on a carpet, mask over the eyes, warm under a blanket, let’s go for 20 minutes of breathing to the rhythm of the hits of the moment, from Adele to Coldplay.

A deep effect

I loved. During the relaxation part, I have the impression that a light comes on in my brain and makes me want to act. I spend the rest of the day in cotton. Amidst the editorial commotion, I feel like I’ve been parachuted into a parallel world. And yet, I did not take anything illegal!

I least liked. The constant life changing invocations during the session sound a bit like a guru’s sermons. The breathing session is quite unpleasant. Over the minutes, I feel tingling in my hands and shivers run through me. Scary thoughts are spinning in my head. Fortunately, when the moment of relaxation strikes, everything flies away. It is complete appeasement.

My opinion. The effect is powerful. All the participants left the session dazed. As the method does not have a defined protocol, I recommend checking the seriousness of the practitioner.

Where to practice? Breathe in Paris, at the Usine Saint-Lazare club in Paris, Another variant: Transformational Breath, practitioners on

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