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Choosing the perfect shoes for your wedding day is no easy task. We have all been looking for a superb pair of pumps that we had imagined many times in our imagination. Unlike the wedding dress that you will only wear once in your life, you can put on these beautiful shoes on all occasions with jeans and a nice leather jacket.
These precious shoes shape your figure and should ensure a good gait throughout the day, so they will be of real support.

So let’s go, for a presentation of the pretty brand that caught my attention and which I hope will allow you to find happiness at your feet!


The brand SAN MARINA unveils its superb collection of shoes that will undoubtedly be of interest to future brides, but also to bridesmaids or guests, …
Creations designed to dress the feet of brides on the most beautiful day of their life. Different models to discover in this festive collection: bohemian barefoot, chic pumps to dance the night away, pretty romantic style sandals for the day after the wedding (why not for a little brunch), a wonderful pair of Salome for the big day or a lovely pair of Derby that you can wear on occasion on your honeymoon.

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The main thing is that these shoes reflect the woman in you and that is why SAN MARINA has imagined for your big day sublime shoes that correspond to your expectations and your desires (without breaking the bank).

The pretty brand has thought of all women, those who like to wear high heels and those who prefer to wear a more comfortable height all day. You can also choose 2 pairs for your wedding: for example a pretty pair of pumps that will accompany you from the town hall to the religious (or secular) ceremony and for the rest of the day a pretty pair of golden sandals.

Little advice : Do not forget to talk to the designer who makes your wedding dress, the height of the heel is a very important detail. She will definitely ask you to come with your pretty pair of shoes.

SAN MARINA |  Wedding collection - Pumps - Sandals - Salome - Derby - Bridal shoes - Bridesmaids - Guests - Women |  Give me your hand - wedding blog


I now unveil my favorite selection of SAN MARINA shoes. I am sure you will love them! Prices vary between € 69 and € 89, another reason to have fun with several pairs!

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Be closer to yourself, listen to your desires, you will only be more radiant on D-Day!

SAN MARINA |  Wedding collection - Pumps - Sandals - Salome - Derby - Bridal shoes - Bridesmaids - Guests - Women |  Give me your hand - wedding blog

1. Embassa Sandals / 89 € (Colors: Cream or Black) | 2. Vassia Sandals / Met / 89 € (Color: Gold) | 3. Aimonata pumps / 89 € (Colors: White or Black) | 4. Nobana Sandals / Met / 69 € (Color: Gold) | 5. Salomés Eleti / Skin (Color: Cream) | 6. Sadeza / Glit Pumps / 79 € (Color: Gold) | 7. Vudina pumps / 89 € (Colors: White or Black) | 8. Pumps Aimonata / Met / 89 € (Color: Gold) | 9. Nobana sandals / 69 € (Colors: White, Lime, Yellow, Poppy, Nude, Royal, Coral, Black)

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