Brilliant idea: Dua Lipa showed a manicure that is perfect for the New Year

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Judging by astrological forecasts, December promises to be the busiest month of the year for all signs, without exception. Even if you do not believe in the predictions of the stars, but only believe in competent time management, it is better to start preparing for the New Year in advance, so that in the hustle and bustle between deadlines you do not forget about gifts, a dress for a party and, of course, a manicure, which is worth signing up for in advance …


As the next year on the Eastern calendar will be the year of the Metal Bull, the trend this season will be cold silver shades of varnishes, which can be either monochrome or with iridescent sparkles – just such a British singer Dua Lipa has recently chosen. In order to create a festive mood, it is not necessary to do a manicure with snowflakes, deer and Christmas trees (such prints went out of fashion several years ago) – minimalism and brevity can also look stylish. In addition, nails with this design will suit almost any outfit, so even at the very last moment you can change your mind about a trouser suit and still choose a slip dress or a pleated skirt and crop top without worrying about whether they match with manicure.

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