Bronde: our hairstyle ideas to embrace the trend

Bronde: not to be confused with tie and dye and ombre hair

Difficult for you to choose between brown and blond? So adopt the wells ! As the name suggests, bronde is a subtle blend of brown (root) and of blond (on the tips), which is a resounding success on the red carpets as well as in the streets, season after season. A hair trend that brings a sunburn to your hair, and which highlights all skin tones.

Bronde: a color mainly suitable for brunettes

Although he has some similarities to his tie-dye and ombré hair friends, bronde is a hair trend in its own right. “The tie and dye offers a more marked demarcation. The shaded hair allows it to work in gradient. Finally, the bronde makes it possible to bring touches of light by enhancing the darkest color ” explains Gianni Coppa, hairdresser colorist. Clearly, the nuances offered by bronde are discreet and unclear. The goal? Melt them strands of hair the lighter ones in a darker mass. Subtle and melted result guaranteed!

Bronde: a color to absolutely protect from the sun

Bronde staining is rather recommended on Brown hair, given that the purpose of this trend is to bring light to a more or less dark base (especially in roots). By adopting this trend, brunettes will be able to hope lighten hair and get pretty bright blonde, golden, ash or caramel highlights. “As for blondes who want to adopt the bronde trend, it is first necessary to darken their roots in order to be able to achieve a light effect” continues the professional.

The beautiful sunny days are emerging, to the delight of those who love tanning sessions. But beware ! If you expose yourself to the sun after opting for the trend bronde (or for any other type of coloring), take the time to protect your hair from the sun (which could lighten your hair too much, and therefore spoil your bronde). “You have to protect your hair with sun protectors, specially designed for the hair (especially in spray) and above all to hydrate it well” advises Gianni Coppa, who recommends using shampoos as well as corrective care (anti-reflective yellow, orange or mahogany), once or twice a week. His final advice? “Do not apply monoi on colored hair before exposure to the sun, at the risk of drying them out and once again, of thinning them ”. Clearly, applying monoi to your hair is good, yes, but only after the sun has gone down (so as not to damage your pretty bronde)!


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