A sun-kissed skin, just like the last rays warm the sand and color it with golden shades. In the summer, a veil of bronzing powder since it focuses on diffused brightness, on a transparent glow and impalpable. Thanks to light water-based fluids that blend perfectly and earths that give an effect sunkissed all over. Everything feels hyper natural, as he says Rajan Tolomei, global make-up artist Max Factor, is “A fake nude look, but as close to real as possible”.

Foundation and bronzer play together to sublimate and intensify the complexion. A beauty revealing light bath. As the make-up artist claims Robin Black here with the cream textures you can get more of a glow than a noticeable color. It all depends on the mode of application. For the bronzer, she recommends choosing one or two shades deeper than the actual desired result. Once applied, a rounded brush can be used to polish the color and achieve a fresh, tanned effect.

To revolutionize the panorama of the classic bronzers is precisely the texture in crema ultra-dark, novelty and trend of this one estate 2020. Beautiful Sunny Mine Cream is the star product of the collection Les Beiges Summer of Glow by Chanel: it is applied with the kabuki brush in the points where the sun naturally hits the face: on the cheekbones, the temples and the bridge of the nose. While Rihanna with hers Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer by Fenty Beauty has defined the aesthetic line of the perfect Fenty Face for the summer: just apply the concealer, the bronzer and overlay a blush, always in cream.

Source: www.vogue.it


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