Bronzer: to whom, why, what? Makeup artist’s tips

Bronzer is one of the coolest makeup products. And one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated. Together with make-up artist Lena Igrade understand how to choose, apply and what effect can be obtained.

Usually bronzers are included in summer makeup collections, and this is somewhat confusing. Why do I need a powder with a tan effect, if I already have it in the summer (presumably:) do you have a tan? And the rest of the year, it turns out, it is inappropriate to use it? Well, if there are no funds of this format in the collections of autumn/winter? Or is it possible, but as a sculptor?

For those who still do not understand why the bronzer is needed, and do not appreciate what it is cool for, Lena Igradi and I have compiled a guide.

Elena Igrade
Makeup artist, author of My face but better blog and our columnist
“If I have a bronzer, concealer and bright lipstick in my travel cosmetic bag – I can consider that I have everything I need with me.”
What is bronzer, and what is it used for?

Bronzer gives your skin a tan tone. But not necessarily as strong as after two weeks on a Turkish beach. It can be a tan… a gentle one that you get after a summer walk. Consider that bronzer replaces it. Removes dimness and gives the impression that you are not sitting at your laptop monitor from 09: 00 to 18: 00. Should I use bronzer in autumn and winter? Hmm, let me see

When I say that bronzer is one of the most versatile cosmetics, I am not joking. If you choose the right shade and texture, you can a) master light daytime Smokies; b) expand the palette of blushes and lipsticks; C) learn to make do with one shade of Foundation in winter and summer; d) increase the brightness of freckles or hide pigment spots, because they will become less contrasting against the background of bronzer.

What is the difference between a bronzer and a sculptor?

The sculptor’s task is to make the face more prominent and bring its shape closer to an oval one. It imitates a natural shadow, and for this it must have a dirty-gray shade. This is why red cheekbones (when bronzer is applied to them) seem so strange and unnatural.

Tan (and bronzer) can also be Golden or chocolate, more yellow or pink – but in any case, it is warmer and brighter than the original skin color.

In theory, it is clear, but in practice there is confusion. Some sculptors have a warm undertone and are similar to bronzers. Individual bronzers can imitate a shadow on dark and warm-toned skin (if you have just such a shadow, keep in mind). In General, it is better to focus on the color of the product, and not just on its name.

I have very light skin, and all the bronzers look red on it. Search further or accept that I don’t need it?

There are possible options here. First of all, it is possible that your products are still the wrong shade, or you apply them in the wrong place/with the wrong brush. Read this text to the end and test yourself. Secondly, there is a chance – and quite a large one – that you just don’t like warm shades in your makeup. Just as some people are convinced that red lipstick absolutely does not suit them. This is a purely psychological barrier. When you are ready for bronzer – he will find you, do not hesitate:)

Perhaps, a separate case – girls with extremely light skin. Milky white. If you apply bronzer only on your face, it may seem that your head exists separately from your body. In this case, it is necessary to apply it on the neck, hands, lower legs – all areas that are not covered by clothing. It seems that this is a long time and complicated, and it is easier to score on the bronzer at all. Don’t worry! Especially since 3-4 extra strokes of the brush are not such a terrible hassle. In addition, it is on girls with such a type – light skin and iris of the eyes-that bronze Smokies look awesome. Try to use a powder with a tanning effect as shadows.

Do dark girls need a bronzer? What for?

Dark skin can also be dull and sallow. Make the complexion a little brighter is never superfluous. And secondly, maybe a tan suits you, but you always go in a cream with a high SPF – why not use a bronzer?

How to choose a shade?

August is the perfect time to buy a bronzer. Look at the outside and back of the forearm: usually the first one is evenly tanned by the end of summer, and the second one remains light. Apply a thin layer of bronzer on the back and compare with your natural tan. If they almost match the shade, you’ve found the right one.

You can also focus on the color of pigment spots, if you have them. Take a closer look at their shade. How warm is it? Maybe reddish, reddish, brown? It is not necessary to apply bronzer next to it: the melanin has a rich color. Therefore, if you compare it with an unshaded drop of bronzer or a shade of powder in the package.

Freckled girls are better off applying bronzer on their face. Where the maximum concentration of freckles is. If they have turned pale against it — this is your product.

And-it is important to all, and dark, and light, and those who have freckles! — before making a purchase decision, test (necessarily on the face) 2-3 shades. You have no idea how striking the contrast can be. Seemingly everything seems similar, but the effect — from “n-n-nu, PL-and-a-alue” and “Yes! This is it!”

Maybe it’s easier to take a palette with three shades, from light to dark?

Not the most practical solution. Most likely, you will still use one. And if the least suitable sector for you (too pink or shining) is in the center,you will inevitably get into it with your brush. Especially since the brush needs a large one. But more on that later.

With sequins-shimmer-Shine or without?

Bronzer with sequins is more difficult to control: you want to add more color, and you get more sparks. For a party-approx. For applying on the body-Yes. But for a business lunch on the terrace, a bronzer with a matte or satin finish is better suited.

Powdery or creamy?

The most versatile — powdery, but certainly silky in texture. It can also be used for eye makeup.

But if you are a complete beginner, take a cream one. The chances of putting a spot on your face will be zero. Light gel textures are never permanently fixed. If you overdo it, then blend it. It seems that it’s still too much? Blend it again.

How and where to apply it?

It is difficult to tan through the keyhole -) So that the bronzer looks natural, you need to apply it generously. You will need a big brush and the determination to apply it all over your face. Well, almost everything:)

You need to cover all the prominent areas: the forehead, temples, nose, chin, cheekbones. (NB: a bronzer is not a sculptor, and its place is on the cheekbone, not under the cheekbone.) Do not forget about the ears and collarbones.

Brush movements can be either S-shaped (continuously move the brush along the cheekbone, move to the temporal zone and go down to the lower jaw), or you expressively brush the sides of the face, as if removing the remnants of hair immediately after cutting. And do not press on the brush: the NAP should barely touch the skin. Have you ever been touched “completely accidentally” by the tail of a cat walking by on its feline business? That’s the feeling.

So what kind of brush should I use?

The natural effect can only be achieved with a large and soft brush (it is better not to hope for a flat one that comes complete with bronzer).

But not Kabuki: it is easy to direct random spots with it. In order for the movements to be easy, without pressure, the brush must have a long handle. I like goofery and large brushes made of synthetics.

Oops, I think I’ve applied too much bronzer and my ” tan ” looks like a dark spot. What to do?

The same thing that is done with a dark spot: take a brush with the remnants of Foundation and try to slightly disguise it. Especially carefully (but with smooth light movements) go through the borders of the shading.

By the way, you can do it differently: first apply bronzer (thicker and more dense), and then-Foundation. If the tone is not the thickest, the bronzer will still Shine through it. In the most natural and natural way possible.

I have 5 (7.10) bronzers, bought in oblivion. None of them are absolutely suitable. Throw it away and forget? Or are there options?

Powdered can be mixed with any care cream or serum, even with body lotion. Simply slide your finger along the surface of the bronzer, and then scoop out the cream with the same finger and RUB it in your palms so that they mix properly. You will get a tint-effect exit. (We apply the body cream, of course, on the body:)

Try this trick again with Foundation. You will get a darker shade, and you will not have to buy a separate tone for summer.

And you can also mix bronzer with tired lipsticks or blush in the same way. It is possible that interesting new shades will turn out.


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