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Budget Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Ceiling painting

13 ways to decorate your bathroom instead of tiles

The cheapest way to renovate a bathroom ceiling is to simply paint or whitewash it. Painting will not take long and will not change the height of the room.

The material used is water-based, latex, acrylic or silicone paint. The matte composition hides small irregularities, while the glossy one slightly raises the ceiling visually. Before painting, it is important to level the ceiling with a moisture-resistant putty and sand it, eliminating all defects.

One of the main advantages of paint is that the ceiling can be of any color: just add color. An unusual accent will add originality to the room.

Blue ceiling

Painting the walls

Some people still associate wall painting with a creepy oil paint that peels off in whole pieces over time. But current materials have made great strides in their performance properties, and many designers use paint in their projects.

This is especially true if you want to save money on repairs: the shower area should be tiled, creating a bright accent, and the remaining areas should be painted. The material gives a wide field for creativity, moreover, it allows you to decorate a bathroom in any shade and change its appearance in a couple of days.

Alkyd enamel is suitable for painting, which will lay down with a film and protect the walls from moisture. Another good option is water-dispersion compositions, which are almost odorless. They dry quickly, but they are not resistant to abrasives and washing with hard brushes.

Bathroom in blue

Bathroom painted blue

How to glue back tiles that have fallen off in the bathroom? Reliable way

If the tile in the bathroom holds well, the seams have not sagged, and the elements themselves have no chips, the surface can be simply painted.

This solution is suitable for those who want to renovate their bathroom, but do not want to waste time and money on new tiles. At first glance, the idea seems dubious, but practice shows that, subject to technology, the paint fits well on the tile and holds well.

It is important to wash the surface, degrease it and grind it with sandpaper (the sander will cope faster). Further, it is necessary to apply a primer, for example, Otex. After the soil has completely dried, the tiles are covered with paint for damp rooms in 2-3 layers

Painting tiles in the bathroom

Wall panels instead of tiles

The range of modern panels for bathroom decoration is so rich that their choice is not difficult. The simplest and cheapest option is PVC, better and more expensive – MDF. PVC panels are long sheets of plastic with internal perforations and external patterns. They can be matte, glossy, imitate stone, wood, tiles and mosaics, or have a neutral shade.

Panels with imitation tiles

PVC panels are installed without the help of specialists and are easy to clean. They go well with coloring. To mount the panels, it is necessary to fix a frame made of wood, metal or plastic on the facing wall, purchase a special fixing solution, primer, sealant and corners.

Plastic at the bottom of the bathroom

Wallpaper or self-adhesive

Another way to save your family budget – use moisture-resistant wallpaper instead of tiles, bypassing wet areas. This material allows you to make the bathroom more “residential” and cozy, great for recreating the classic style, as well as country and contemporary. In any case, beautiful wallpapers will add character to the room and surprise guests.

When choosing wallpaper, you should give preference to canvases on which markings in the form of three waves and a brush are indicated. The optimal solution is vinyl, which masks the imperfections of the walls and is easy to clean. Decorating the bathroom with wallpaper, you will save money and time: unlike tiles, they are cheaper, and gluing takes no more than two days.

Gray wallpaper in the bathroom

Wallpaper in the bathroom

Another option: self-adhesive film. It has a wide choice of colors, and its back side already contains glue. The front side consists of a pattern with a polymer coating that protects the material from moisture.

Before pasting the walls, they must be degreased and carefully leveled, since the film does not hide, but often emphasizes defects. Another advantage of the self-adhesive foil is the quick “commissioning”, since there is no need to wait for the glue to dry. The material is easy to care for – just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Self-adhesive in the bathroom


10 ideas on how to save space in a small bathroom

Often used in baths and saunas, where the operational load is much higher than in city bathrooms. When decorating with clapboard, it is important to observe certain conditions:

  • Cover the walls with an antifungal agent before installation.
  • For fixing on the walls, it is necessary to use a power frame made of a metal profile.
  • Reiki must be treated with moisture-proof compounds – wax, oil or varnish.

Painted lining in a private house

Advantages over tiles: high machinability (easier to cut and drill), economy, natural wood pattern. Shelves are allowed to be attached to the lining, but not wall cabinets. For the bathroom, it is better to use budget pine or slightly more expensive larch.

It is advisable to trim both walls and ceiling with lining. You can also close the bathroom with it by creating a protective screen.

Lining in the shower

Lining at the bottom of the walls

Bathroom without decorative trim

Open brick and concrete have not been perceived as something rough and cheap for a long time: this is a current design technique that is actively used in loft interiors. Brickwork adds relief to the room, so it looks interesting and attractive.

Gray concrete acts as a great backdrop for any bright accessories and snow-white sanitary ware. Such surfaces must be treated with an antiseptic impregnation, and the brick must be covered with a moisture-resistant varnish.

Brick walls in the bathroom

White brick in the bathroom

Concrete wall in the bathroom

Linoleum for floor

10 examples of bathroom renovation with photos before and after
10 examples of bathroom renovation with photos before and after

This coating acts as an alternative to traditional ceramic tiles: it is cheaper, but it perfectly protects the floor from moisture. Modern companies produce linoleum, which imitates well the texture of wood, tile or stone, so the bathroom will look dignified and aesthetically pleasing.

It is easy to install and clean, and its tactile properties are much more pleasant than porcelain stoneware.

Another synthetic yet durable and cost effective floor covering – PVC tile… It is just as easy to install, does not swell or swell, perfectly protecting the floor from moisture.

Linoleum in the bathroom

Vinyl tiles in the bathroom

Despite the relatively low cost of the materials used, the bathroom can look stylish and aesthetically pleasing: the main thing is to carefully prepare the surfaces and act very carefully.

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