Burdock, purifying and protective

It soothes the attacked epidermis

It is also called “herb with ringworms” because it relieves many dermatological conditions: fungal infections, acne, eczema, cradle cap, and even have a preventive effect on hair loss.

She is depurative

It exerts an effect detox by its diuretic and sudorific action, by promoting the elimination of residual elements from the body by the sweat glands, and by stimulating the liver and kidneys.

It calms rheumatic pains

Its root is recommended for people suffering from gout and rheumatism, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

She is hypoglycemic

Burdock contains a hypoglycaemic substance belonging to the group of B vitamins. It can therefore be used in cases of pancreatic insufficiency (in parallel with the prescribed medical treatment and not instead).

It relaxes the muscles

Burdock root contains, among other things, flavonoids. One of them, arctiine, exerts a relaxing action on the muscles.

It is antivenom

The polyacetylenes of fresh burdock have an antibiotic effect, acting on staphylococcus. In addition, the juice extracted from the plant has a marked antivenom: a crushed burdock leaf rubbed on a wasp sting quickly calms the pain.

The right recipe

To soothe atopic skin, mix 30 g of burdock root in 75 cl of water and bring to the boil. Filter, let cool and soak compresses with this decoction. Apply them directly to the area to be treated and leave on for 10 minutes. Repeat daily until irritation decreases. You can also dab it on acne pimples.

The anecdote

We know well the fruits of the burdock which cling to clothing and animal hair by their many hooks. They even inspired the invention of Velcro!

Attention ! This plant is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as for people with kidney stones. In addition, the desiccation making the burdock practically inert, the best is to use the roots (or the leaves) fresh, or in liquid form (we speak of standardized plant extracts, or EPS).

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