Business manicure for women after 40: the best colors and shades

Manicure can be anything – it all depends on your tastes and preferences. But each age requires some peculiarities and even restrictions, except, probably, youth. In addition, the lifestyle and occupation have a great influence on nail design, because a manicure should match the style of clothing and be appropriate where you spend the most time. will tell you what shades of nail polish should be used by business women over 40 years old, and which of them will be the most fashionable and relevant today.

Shape, length and … personal comfort

Let’s make a small digression in the direction of what shape and length of nails should be chosen. If you spend most of the day in the office and working at the computer, very long and pointed nails are unlikely to be comfortable. Preference should be given to an average, comfortable length, so that the free part of the nail is not longer than half of the actual nail plate. Short nails will be the most comfortable for both business life and homework. Moreover, today the short length is very relevant – this is a win-win!

Business manicure for short and long nails after 40 years

The form can be any. If you are used to wearing a square one and do not plan to give it up, wear it to your health! Just remember about the length: too long square nails are definitely not in trend today. The same applies to stiletto nails that are too sharp – they are unlikely to be comfortable with. Today, in the field of manicure, the trend of oval and almond-shaped nails prevails, and in medium length. But even long enough nails in an oval design will look natural, sophisticated and very elegant.

However, the length, and the shape, and even the shade of varnish is what you choose yourself. If you cover your nails with transparent varnish for a long time and do not like bright colors, wear it to your health. If you are used to bright red and skillfully combine it not only with business, but also with usually casual clothes – this is your choice! Either way, you should be comfortable with a touch of manicure. But we can’t help but share the most relevant, relevant and trendy nail design colors for business women in 2020.

1. Win-win nude

This is generally an ideal option for absolutely everyone. Sportswoman, mother, housewife, business woman – nude manicure will be appropriate absolutely everywhere and always, it will suit any image, style, age and way of life. “Nude” in English means “nude”, that is, in fact, a nude manicure is a manicure without a manicure. By this we can mean a classic French manicure with a pale pink, cream or transparent base and a white “smile”. It can also be an option with a completely transparent nail coating, for example, a strengthening base. It can be milky, cream and beige shades.

2. Caramel and chocolate

Caramel and chocolate shades can also be classified as nude, but still they are more self-sufficient. The caramel color of the varnish with a yellowish-orange undertone is not suitable for all clothes. It is unlikely to be combined with cold shades of things in your look. In this case, it is better to choose a neutral sand, beige color or a shade of coffee with milk. But if you decide to wear a camel suit, feel free to combine it with a manicure in the same shade and warm caramel tones.

Dark chocolate and cherry brown will work with most outfits and go with many wardrobe colors.

3. Gray

Gray is considered achromatic, along with black and white. That is, it will be combined with absolutely all colors of the spectrum. But it can be very different, and here you need to proceed from your color type, more precisely – from the skin tone on your hands. If it is pale enough, it is better to choose the most neutral gray color or light gray shades with a bluish undertone, and avoid dark graphite ones.

For warm skin tones, grays with warm brown and beige tones, as well as dark graphite are suitable. Gray color with a metallic effect looks good: shine conceals the pallor of the skin and adds zest to the manicure.

4. Red

We have already told you about red manicure many times. This is a real classic that women all over the world love so much. Red color looks great on nails at any age, and after 40 years it only adds sophistication. In addition, red shades are more than acceptable for a business manicure.

Avoid flashy scarlet tones, neons and felt-tip pens – they will be more appropriate during the holidays. But for the office, classic “bloody” red, rose red, tomato red, shades of cherry, burgundy, marsala, terracotta are suitable. We draw your attention to the fact that red will be more appropriate on short and medium length nails, but certainly not on too long ones.

5. Gold and silver

Think gold and silver are only appropriate for celebrations? Not at all! We, of course, do not mean now foil coating, bright sparkles, sequins and rhinestones of gold or silver color, and other rather flashy manicure options. But a golden or silver pearlescent coating is quite appropriate for office manicure.

You can choose varnishes with the smallest glitter and cover all your nails with them, or you can combine gold and silver varnish with any of the above shades, using it only on 1-2 fingers on your hand. The light shine of such coatings makes the skin slightly radiant, respectively, the hands will look younger!

Useful tips in the manicure of a business woman after 40

Here are some more helpful tips for the perfect manicure color scheme:

  • no matter what shade of varnish you choose, do not forget that the nails themselves should be well-groomed, and the skin should be as moisturized as possible, therefore, do not neglect hygienic manicure and regular use of hand cream and oils;
  • if the skin on your hands is quite pale, blue veins are clearly visible, we advise you not to use blue and green tones of varnishes – they will only draw attention to these shortcomings and make the skin even paler;
  • warm shades of red, carrot-orange, brick and terracotta will be preferable – with them the pallor of the skin and the blue color of the veins is neutralized;
  • if you come to a manicure and doubt which color to choose, choose something as neutral as possible – pale pink, nude, beige or classic French manicure;
  • if the skin on the hands is dark, with a warm undertone, you can safely choose gray, caramel and brown-chocolate – these shades on such skin will not look gloomy;
  • black color of nail polish can make the skin look paler and age, it is better to use it not often, although it is quite versatile, and can be combined with other shades, gold or silver, an interesting design.

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