Buy a ready-made wedding dress or sew to order

Yesterday we discussed the most fashionable and daring wedding look for the bride 2018. As you remember, the Pantone experts chose ultraviolet as the main color of the year. Therefore, it is the dress in purple shades that will be the most fashionable solution this year.

Only not everyone is ready for such experiments, and most importantly, finding the perfect purple wedding dress is almost an unrealistic task. It is difficult to even imagine how many difficulties will have to be overcome, because you have to manage to find your own shade from the violet range, and then take into account the features of the cut and decor. Most likely, you will not be able to buy a ready-made dress, you will have to order and take an active part.

Which is better – a ready-made dress or a custom-made one?

If you reread women’s forums on the topic, you can see opposite opinions. Some argue that it is better to buy ready-made, while others, on the contrary, convince to sew to order. Each side has its own case, and many girls tell personal stories.

Arguments in favor of a custom made dress:

1. You will receive your dream dress.

2. The outfit will be cheaper. You can take a model of a famous designer as a sample and ask for a copy. According to the stories of happy brides, it turns out for a few thousand rubles to create an identical copy of a dress worth 10,000 or even 30,000 dollars!

3. Your wedding dress will be truly unique and unique to the envy of all your friends.

Only these advantages are not guaranteed at all. In our dreams, everything is easy and beautiful; in reality, the result may turn out to be completely different.

How to choose a wedding dress

Reasons for buying a ready-made outfit:

1. Sewing a wedding dress is an interesting business, here you can show your own creativity and create an outfit taking into account all your wishes. But even if you yourself know how to sew well, there is no 100% guarantee that it will turn out exactly the way you want. It is difficult to predict how the fabric will behave and how the purchased lace will look. If you turn to the master, the unpredictability of the result multiplies, because the master may not understand your wishes so well.

Those who ordered tailoring in the atelier know how unpredictable the result can be. Therefore, if your figure does not have great features, it is easier to buy a ready-made wedding dress in the salon and fit it to your figure.

2. Time. When buying a ready-made dress, you can immediately see all its features, and most importantly, everything is done faster. The wedding is of course an important event, but everyone does not have enough time, and tailoring an outfit is a choice of fabric, fitting, in general, you will have to spend much more time and effort.

3. Cost. Sometimes a custom-made dress can be cheaper, models from a wedding salon, but this is not always the case. Quality fabrics are expensive, especially if you buy them in small quantities. The work of a good master also costs a lot of money. As a result, a custom-made dress can come out cheaply only if you are ready to be content with a simple fabric, and a girlfriend or an inexperienced trainee will sew the outfit.

Wedding salons periodically offer discounts, some models are sold at a substantial discount. In many salons, a finished dress can be much cheaper than a tailored one.

How to choose a wedding dress
How to choose a wedding dress

4. The beauty of the dress. Each girl thinks that she has a refined taste and knows perfectly well how to dress, which dress is the most beautiful, where it is better to add lace, and where is embroidery. If so, why do fashion designers study for years and then improve their skills all their lives?

A dress according to our sketches will almost always be inferior in beauty to models created by a designer of wedding dresses.

Conclusions: most girls are better off buying ready-made dress in the bridal salon, order a fit and not waste a lot of time and effort in the hope of creating your perfect outfit.

Salon of wedding dresses

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