Californian massage: how to perform this anti-stress massage at home?

Californian massage, what is it?

The Californian massage or “touching the heart,” as it is sometimes called, is a gentle, relaxing type of massage. It is widely practiced in institutes because it helps release tension and relax muscles. Created by Margaret Elke, this technique became popular from 1970s-80s in the United States, then in Europe.

Thanks to specific massage techniques (touches, pressures, etc.), the masseur is able to relieve many ailments such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or lower back pain. True antistress, this massage provides relaxation and relaxation in particular through the use ofessential oils. Indeed, the Californian massage is first of all an oil massage – usually one hour – whose main objective is simple: to do you good!

How to practice Californian massage at home?

To achieve an effective Californian massage, you will need a place conducive to relaxation. If you do not have the possibility to create a fully dedicated space, bedroom can be a good alternative. Plan for different light sources, some candles, a playlist of soft music and a large towel for the massaged person to settle down. A word of advice: take a small extra blanket to cover the massaged during the treatment so that it stays warm.

The secret of a good Californian massage partly lies in the choice of massage oil. But beware, for each skin type, its favorite oil. Coconut oil and that lawyer are particularly recommended for dry and sensitive skin. On the other hand, for oily skin, opt for Argan oil or apricot.

Californian massage techniques

It exists 5 techniques to follow to perform a Californian massage:

– L’effleurage : this first part consists in coating the body of the massaged with the oil thanks to a series of gentle and slow gestures.

– Kneading: this second step is essential for identifying areas of tension. The masseur performs pressure points on the body as if he wanted to “knead” the skin.

La friction : this new technique improves blood circulation. We must carried out small rubs along the body in the direction of the heart of the person being massaged. If the skin turns red, that’s a good sign!

– Tapping: this last step is the most invigorating. The goal is to shape the entire body of the massager in a lively way in order to release tension.

Start with the person sitting face down. Cover the lower part of his body with a towel, place yourself at his head and follow the order of the previous techniques. Once the 5 steps have been completed, ask the patient to turn around and repeat the operation. At the end of the massage, leave your massage alone for a few minutes, well wrapped in a blanket.

Our advice for practicing a Californian massage without risk

If massaging seems natural to you, be careful. Not being professionals, be very careful during handling and do not force the sensitive areas of the person being massaged too much. Be listening of the person under your hands and measure the pressure. Avoid any massage on fragile people such as children, pregnant women or suffering people.


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