Camping with baby: 5 tips to prepare for your stay

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This year, you have decided to go camping with your baby. But if you are looking forward to this family vacation, you have some concerns about how you might have the experience with a little one. Don’t panic, here are our top tips for organizing your trip with confidence.

Holidays are an opportunity to break the daily grind. And after these months of confinement, we can say that we deserved to have a good time! But this year, with the barrier gestures to follow and the restrictions due to the coronavirus, you have decided to discover new sensations and to introduce yourself to the small pleasures that nature offers by going camping with your family.

Indeed, this type of vacation seems ideal this year: exotic and inexpensive, camping with the family is a great adventure that will fill your heads with lovely memories. You won’t have to go far to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, the singing of birds, a marshmallow vigil around a wood fire… You can camp in Belgium or not far from the border… What happiness! But be careful though, if you have a baby, camping will require a bit of organization!

Our tips for stress-free camping with baby

With a little preparation and the right equipment, you will have a great camping holiday. Here are a few tips.

1. Choosing the right accommodation

The essential question to ask yourself when planning your vacation is to know in what type of accommodation you want to stay. If you go to a campsite, you will have several possibilities: tent, caravan or bungalow. Opting for a “hard” accommodation such as a caravan or a bungalow will allow you to combine camping and comfort, and it must be admitted that it is a very practical choice with a very small… But this may cut you off a bit. the adventure of the tent and evenings by the fire.

If you want to experience a more “authentic” adventure or go wild camping, there is only one option: the tent! You can sleep in more remote places, far from all agitation and barrier gestures. Another possibility is to rent a motorhome: the holidays will begin as soon as you hit the road. Very practical and well-equipped, motorhomes also allow you to get around easily. Perfect if you want to follow a route with several stages while enjoying it in a very comfortable way.

2. Equip yourself accordingly

If you choose to camp in the middle of nature, it is essential to be well equipped, in order to have everything you need for baby at your disposal. For this, focus on travel items:

  • A travel cot: which can also serve as a park.
  • A foldable seat: so that your little one can eat safely.
  • An inflatable bathtub or a basin: which are super practical when you are in a cramped place.
  • A physiological baby carrier: perfect if you are going for a hike. It will save your life in places where your stroller, even a light one, will not fit.
  • A nomadic and autonomous bottle warmer: which is used without electricity. Practical when you are in the middle of nature!

If you are not in a campsite equipped for families, always remember to bring bottles of drinking water for the bottle or to wash baby, as well as enough milk for your little one.

3. Bring some warm clothes

If you are staying in a tent, do not hesitate to pack some warm clothes in your suitcase. Because it may be summer, in the evening, temperatures tend to drop quickly after dark, especially in the countryside! Pack some warm pajamas as well as cardigans or sweaters so that baby doesn’t get cold in the evening.

4. Beware of mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes are a real nuisance for campers and can really ruin your vacation life. Remember to equip yourself with an anti-mosquito net to put over the baby’s bed and natural repellents: used in diffusion, the essential oil of lemon eucalyptus will work miracles, as well as the rose geranium.

5. A few loose tips

If you are going with older children, consider outfitting them with a bracelet with your name and phone number on it. You can then let them wander around the campsite without being constantly on their backs. Provided of course that you define rules regarding meal times and sleep with them beforehand!

If you don’t like crowds and are looking for quiet, avoid campsites that are too large. Favor small campsites, less touristy and more isolated but also with a nice setting, like on a farm or in the mountains for example. Your children will be able to enjoy life in the great outdoors, far from all the rules related to the coronavirus.

Going on vacation with baby?

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