Can natural medicines protect us from viruses?

Homeopathy, naturopathy, aromatherapy are they effective in case of viral infection? We take stock with 3 specialists.

“We must stop veiling our face” – Dr. Pierre Popowski, pediatrician and homeopath, author of Treat your child with homeopathy (ed. du Rocher)

“Despite the monopoly of ‘classic’ allopathic medicine, natural medicines like homeopathy can completely protect us against viruses, even the toughest!

Natural treatment, if appropriate for the patient, can also cure even serious viral illnesses. Sometimes the results are even more impressive than with an inappropriate drug treatment: in fact, antibiotics concern only bacterial (and non-viral) diseases and antibiotic resistance has considerably reduced their effectiveness …

The effectiveness of homeopathy goes far beyond placebo: it has been demonstrated on viral respiratory diseases – the rhinopharyngite, in particular (EPI3 studies). Concretely, these natural treatments stimulate the body’s immune defenses: we could say that it is the body which heals itself, with a little help. Of course, it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle in parallel: a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

It is also possible to adopt natural medicines in addition to allopathic treatment: in the context of a viral disease, the complementary treatment will then make it possible to avoid bacterial complications and to accelerate healing. ”


“We must remain cautious” – Dr. Damien Mascret, general practitioner and author of Dico-guide to your health (éd. Leduc.S)

“To date, only drug treatments have really proven their effectiveness against viral diseases such as influenza, gastroenteritis or the meningitis.

If certain natural medicines (such as homeopathy, naturopathy or aromatherapy) are very fashionable, we must remain very careful: no scientific study has really validated their effectiveness! In other words, no scientist can say 100% that a natural treatment is able to reduce the intensity or the duration of a pathology of viral origin.

In addition to allopathic treatment, natural methods are nonetheless beneficial, provided you have a healthy lifestyle. ”


“Natural medicines indirectly fight against viruses” – Nina Bossard, naturopath

“While certain natural medicines are capable of directly attacking viruses (this is particularly the case ofaromatherapy : the essential oil of oregano and the essential oil of thyme are powerful antivirals, respectively requested in cases of malaria and ENT disorders), most of the time, it is rather an indirect action.

The main objective of naturopathy is to support the immune system, the “little army” of our body which fights against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. It is by nourishing it and boosting its action that it will regain its full capacity to defend itself against viruses and other pathogens.

The practitioner will use a wide range of tools (micro-nutrition, aromatherapy, probiotics,apitherapy, phytotherapy, even certain food supplements …) to strengthen overall immunity and in particular the intestinal flora, since 70% of immune cells are produced in the intestine.

In conclusion, we can say that natural medicines can protect us against viruses indirectly. ”” target=”_blank”>

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