Can you buy your wedding dress on sale?

The sales begin this Wednesday, January 9. Fashionistas are in the starting blocks, but what about future brides? We take stock.

If the wedding dress budget is one on which the brides are willing to spend a little more than expected, they stay on the lookout for good deals so that it weighs as little as possible on the final score of the event. When we have our eyes on a dress in the ready-to-wear collections, we often allow ourselves to wait for the sales. But can this technique work for her wedding dress?

One thing is certain, there are tips to benefit from discounts even if we do not necessarily always call it sales. “By definition, balances were created to sell stocks. However, in the field of the wedding dress, apart from the biggest brands, there is little or no stock because we are often on half-measure or tailor-made ”, explains Julie Méli, founder of the boutique. Plume Paris.

If fashionable designers are therefore not intended to make sales in the true sense of the word, brands like Pronuptia or Pronovias can on the other hand do so. Just like Printemps Haussmann offers discounts ranging from -30 to -40% on its Maria Luisa wedding space, which brings together brands such as Elise Hameau, Atelier Emelia or Laure de Sagazan. And nothing prevents to inquire with the brands to know if they practice discounts.

Black Friday and sales of prototypes

Other alternatives to doing good business are available to those who are about to say yes. “Many designers charge prices on prototypes, ie dresses that are used during fittings all year round. When a model will not be renewed and the dress is in good condition, it can be offered with a reduction ranging from 20 to 40%. ” Another advantage is that the latter will normally be cleaned and the touch-ups free. But only “if the dress roughly matches the size of the customer.” On the other hand, we cannot adapt a size 40 to a woman who will do a 34 and vice versa, ”specifies the manager of Plume Paris. Because this is one of the somewhat restrictive criteria for prototypes: sizes, mainly 38 and 40. At Maison Floret, for example, there is a space in the e-shop dedicated to the sale of these prototypes at reduced prices.

For Julie Méli, there are also other times when you can do good business. “For example, I distribute the English brand Catherine Deane. On the occasion of Black Friday (this day of discounts across the Atlantic which is the Friday following Thanksgiving), she practices promotions that I can also apply. ” Other moments to watch out for, trunk shows within multi-brands, these events where designers present over a very short period (2 to 3 days) a dozen models that are not usually offered. “Customers can make an appointment and discover, for example during a cocktail party, these dresses often sold at a discount of 10 to 20%.”. Finally, it is better to follow the brands or designers that we like on social networks because some, like Lorafolk, organize flea markets.

The empty dressing rooms

The Parisian Dressing Club showroom has nothing to envy to specialist boutiques.

DP Dressing Club

Last alternatives, the empty-closets where you can afford the wedding dress of your dreams at a lower cost. Because the latter do not necessarily sell models already worn by another bride. This is the case for the Dressing Club, founded five years ago in Lyon and also present for four years in Paris. This outlet offers prototypes supplied by the brands. Every two months, he organizes private sales so that customers can find what they are looking for among their sharp selection (Elise Hameau, Laure de Sagazan but also Rosa Clara or Pronovias). “We only offer dresses that were released a maximum of two years ago,” explains Victoire Leprince-Ringuet, founder of the Dressing Club. Result: popular models available between – 40% and – 50%. In terms of sizes, “we mainly have 36, 38 and 40. We sometimes have 42 or 44, but it’s still rare.”

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Everything happens as in a classic boutique with appointment making, fitting with a member of the team – “for us, advice is essential” – and alterations service (not included in the price of the dress and which up to 150 €). “But you have to know that the most popular models will perhaps only enter our home once or twice. Often our customers come without having a specific expectation even if they always have a little idea, ”concludes Victoire Leprince-Ringuet.

Ultra-chic wedding dresses for less than 500 euros

A boon for accessories

Finally, if tracking the sales to find your dress can be complicated, this period of reductions is very advantageous for accessories. Shoes, lingerie, jewelry or even outfit for civilians or for the groom are unearthed with more than favorable markdowns. “Even in specialized stores, it is easier to sell accessories,” adds Julie Méli. It is therefore better not to hesitate to take advantage of this period to think about these small ancillary purchases which can quickly cost money. Especially since the summer sales will prove to be more interesting than the winter ones, especially for shoes: indeed, it is more difficult to find sandals or pastel shades in January than in July. To the best of my mind.

This paper, originally published on June 27, 2017, has been updated.


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