Candida albicans: the best natural remedies for candidiasis

Candida albicans is a yeast present in our body in the intestine. The role of this “good” bacteria is to clean it. However, when it proliferates, it can cause an imbalance of the intestinal flora and cause candidiasis. These cause infections by attacking the gut, skin, immune system and genitals. Émilie Kapps, naturopath, provides an update on candidiasis and natural remedies to treat them.

What are the causes of candidiasis?

A mutation in candida albicans makes the intestine permeable: “Cit causes poor absorption of nutrients, but also deficiencies, an imbalance of transit and the release of toxins to other organs of the nervous system “, explains Émilie Kapps. According to the naturopath, the treatment of candidiasis is oriented according to the cause that triggered the proliferation of candida albicans. Different factors can cause this mutation:

  • a drop in the immune system
  • tiredness
  • a poor diet or consumption of acidifying foods that attack the intestinal flora
  • a poor lifestyle
  • taking antibiotics that destroy good and bad bacteria
  • the stress
  • high sugar consumption

Candidiasis: what symptoms alert you to this infection?

Symptoms of candidiasis vary among people. When it reaches the nervous system, the patient may experience chronic fatigue, depressive episodes, mood swings, headaches, and insomnia. “Candidiasis can also affect the immune system. Individuals are therefore more sensitive to environmental allergies, infections of the mucous membranes (vaginal yeast infection, nails and skin), rashes “, details Émilie Kapps.

“It also causes technical imbalances in the digestive system with transit disorders that alternate between diarrhea and constipation”, adds the expert. Candida albicans feeds primarily on sugar. This can lead to a problem with your attraction to sugar as well as weight gain and hypoglycemia.

How to diagnose candidiasis?

The symptoms of candidiasis are common and numerous. It is therefore difficult to diagnose it at first glance. “When there are two coexisting factors such as severe fatigue and yeast infection, one can be alarmed and go for exams. To identify candidiasis, a blood test, vaginal or skin examinations can be prescribed ” specifies the naturopath.

What are the natural remedies to treat candidiasis?

Émilie Kapps recommends treating candidiasis quickly, because it is dangerous to stay with an unbalanced intestinal flora. The first advice from our naturopath to get better? Change your diet by favoring probiotics and prebiotics such as garlic, dandelion, artichoke or onion.

In order for the intestinal flora to regenerate, the patient can consume non-fibrous vegetables such as carrots, endives, white leeks, salad hearts, beets, green beans and zucchini. It can accompany its meals with white meat. It is advisable to follow this diet for three weeks in order to let the intestinal flora repair itself.

During this food cure, it is better to avoid: junk food, simple sugars (glucose, fructose, lactose), dairy products, fruits, tobacco, coffee, alcohol, processed, refined and sweet products.

To treat candidiasis, Émilie Kapps recommends several plants:

  • le lapacho : this plant has an antifungal action. About fifteen grams of lapacho are infused in simmering water for ten to fifteen minutes. For 21 days, you can take three cups a day without food.
  • barberry: it destroys bacteria. It is taken three times a day as a capsule for three weeks.
  • the glycerin macerate bud of walnut: it protects the intestinal mucous membranes and restores the intestinal flora. His cure also lasts 21 days.

Food supplements are also allies in treating candidiasis. “Olive leaf is a good immune stimulant, a powerful antiparasitic and an antifungal. For the first week, we take a capsule morning and evening. The second week, we take one capsule three times a day. Regarding the last week, it is recommended to consume two capsules in the morning and in the evening “, indicates Émilie Kapps. According to her, spirulina is also a good way to treat candidiasis, because it increases the production of many antibodies such as leukocytes, lymphocytes and white blood cells.

Thanks to Émile Kapps, naturopath



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