Capsule collection adidas x Lotta Volkova

At the end of winter, Lotta Volkova posted on her Instagram a teaser of a joint collection with adidas. Since then, fans of the “district guys” style have been waiting with bated breath for the capsule to come out. And in August the collection finally saw the light of day – it included photogenic tracksuits in azure color, bodysuits with one sleeve, dresses with bright inserts, T-shirts, as well as shoes and the very pink handbag that Lotta had already managed to “light up”.

According to the stylist, “adidas approached me with an unclear idea of ​​collaboration, and I offered to release a collection together,” says Volkova. “We started about two years ago. The hardest part was getting used to the long production steps in the sportswear industry, which are very different from the fashion cycle, ”says Lotta.

The capsule is dedicated to the aesthetics of the 1970s. “I was interested in the adidas archive. Especially the first sportswear besides sneakers. For example, the green kit was inspired by the first suit that adidas released in the late 1960s. And the clogs on the Adilette platform are clauses of the brand from the 1970s, ”says Volkova.

Working on the collection, the stylist and designer put a special meaning into each item. All coincidences are not accidental. For example, on one of the tops – Ringer tee – Lotta Volkova decided to print number 84. “Besides the fact that this is the year of my birth, it has always had some special, mystical meaning for me. 1984 was a very important year in culture – from the cult novel of the same name by George Orwell to my million favorite music albums that were released at that time, ”recalls Lotta.

Volkova would have dreamed of seeing things from her collection on the queen of American shock rock Wendy Orlene Williams from the Plasmatics group – she would definitely like bright swimwear with high armholes and colorful asymmetric bodysuits. Lana Del Rey and Natalya Ragozina are also on the list of Lotte’s muses – they would also look perfect on things from the capsule.

Despite the fact that the joint collection with adidas is Lotta Volkova’s design debut, the process of its creation was not new for the girl. “My styling work involved advising brands on their collections, and I have always loved the process of making garments – the choice of fabrics, finishes, details, the evolution of ideas. The stylist’s approach to design was important to me on this project as well. ”

Globally, the adidas x Lotta Volkova capsule will arrive in stores on August 13, but now it can be tried on and bought at KM20.

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