What comes to your mind when you hear the word “caramel”? Delicate salty caramel of a muted color, which is poured over ice cream? Or brightly colored sweet candy on a stick? We decided to take a closer look at such a trend as caramel manicure and tell you what variety of designs it offers.

Salted caramel

What salted caramel looks like, for sure, many of you already know. And this is a really good shade for a manicure. Caramel shades can be safely attributed to nude. This means that they are perfect for any image and for any situation. This color looks great on nails in a business look or in a casual style, when some detail or clothing is also made in a similar color scheme. This adds completeness and elegance to the whole look.

The caramel color looks best in a glossy design, when it resembles a pouring liquid caramel, playing with sugar gloss. A matte top coat can remove all the nobility of the shade, making it nondescript. The salted caramel color looks equally good on short nails and on long ones, even of sufficient length. In this case, the shape does not play any role, but it is still better to choose the almond shape, which is relevant in 2020, oval or pointed.

Milk toffee

Milk toffee is familiar to all of us from childhood. Their teeth stuck in them, but what a sweetness! But now we propose to embody the color of milk toffee in a manicure. In fact, this light beige, even cream color, is called nude by everyone. But if varnishes and gel varnishes of pinkish or even lilac shades can be attributed to nude ones, then we will talk about pure light beige, the color of coffee with milk, the color of melting toffee.

As with the salty caramel tint, the milky toffee color goes well with everything. We have already repeatedly said that nude tones have long ago become achromatic, that is, combined with any other shade. Therefore, light beige and cream can be combined with other tones of the color palette. Light nude tones look especially good in combination with glitter and sparkles – choose gold or silver depending on what kind of jewelry or jewelry you wear.

Camel color

This shade has become one of the most fashionable in 2020. This is not surprising: he is very noble and aristocratic, even on inexpensive things he looks status and luxurious. Camel is slightly darker than salted caramel. It is called “camel” because it resembles camel’s wool, not quite brown yet, but quite saturated, with a warm yellowish-terracotta undertone.

On the nails, this color looks good if it does not merge with dark skin. In other cases, we advise you to combine camel with similar colors. A manicure looks great when the nails change shades from dark to light on each finger. That is, you can take dark chocolate as the beginning, paint the next nail with a shade of milk chocolate, make exactly the camel color in the center, and then continue with shades of salted caramel and even lighter milk toffee.

Striped multicolored caramel

And if we have already started talking about caramel manicure, then it does not have to be really caramel color. Many people associate the word “caramel” with bright multi-colored caramels on a stick. And they, for sure, can amaze with a variety of colors, shades and patterns. The brighter the execution of such a manicure, the better. Here you can safely play with a combination of contrasting shades and even cover the drawing with a matte top.

The traditional performance of multi-colored caramels is combined with white stripes. It is assumed that in candies it is milk or creamy caramel. Caramels in red and white look especially relevant – this manicure design is very popular for the New Year holidays, because it is associated with red and white caramel sticks-hooks. In spring and summer, you can alternate white stripes with bright and even neon colors: pink, light green, blue, yellow, purple.

“Candy” designs on the nails

However, sweets and caramels deserve to “live” on your nails and quite separately – as a pattern on the nail plate. It is very easy to make such a pattern in the form of wrapped candies, caramels, even an ice cream cupcake or other sweets. This design is perfect for summer manicure – it will add carefree and real holiday mood. Yes, you are unlikely to do a multi-colored manicure in the office, but for the duration of a vacation or a seaside holiday it will be quite possible to afford it.

Drawings can be done not only on a long nail plate, but also on a short length of nails. The drawing can be present only on one finger, or on each – it all depends on your desire and imagination. It is recommended to choose a traditional white color as a background for candy designs. It resembles a white sheet of paper, and therefore is suitable for making a picture or pattern in any color. You can also choose pastel light colors – blue, pink, lavender, and the same nude beige and cream shades.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

Source : mylitta.ru


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