Care for long hair, how to grow hair

6 tips for fast hair growth and daily care for long hair.

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Long luxurious hair is the main female pride. But great length is not enough for a beautiful hairstyle. For hair to look beautiful, it must be healthy and well-groomed. Proper care and careful treatment will ensure the rapid growth of your braid. Trichologists shared tips and secrets on home hair care.

Choose the right care products

Determine your hair type and buy special shampoos and conditioners for your type. To find out what kind of hair you have, determine how often you wash your head. If daily, the scalp is oily. Every 2-3 days – normal. If you wash your head every 5-7 days, it means that the scalp is dry. Hair often falls out – it is brittle.

Use two shampoos

Use one shampoo for daily use. It can be a tool of any brand that suits your hair type. The second shampoo is therapeutic, for thorough cleansing of the scalp or stimulation of hair growth. This shampoo can be used several times a month.

Wash your head right

Tips for long hair / photo

Tips for long hair / photo

When washing your head, massage your head with your fingers. This will help improve blood circulation and remove sebum. Keep masks and conditioners for as long as indicated in the instructions. Distribute them along the entire length of the hair with a comb.

Use the scheme “shampoo – mask – conditioner – oil”

Trichologists advise not to neglect masks and hair conditioners and use them every time you wash your head. The mask nourishes the hair, and the conditioner protects them from negative influences. The oil makes the hair strong. It is desirable that all products were from one manufacturer.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Sleep, healthy eating and lack of stress have a positive effect on the condition of the hair. Poor lifestyle can lead to hair loss, thinning hair and early graying. If the condition of your hair worries you – consult a trichologist, who will prescribe you a course of vitamins.

Properly care for the scalp

How to grow long hair /

How to grow long hair /

Clean your scalp regularly at home. To do this, use special scrubs, moisturizers, hair growth stimulants and dandruff removers. To prevent the scalp from getting tired, do not tighten the rubber band and do not wear heavy hairstyles all day. If your hair seems dull and dry – do not go to a beauty salon for coloring, and consult a trichologist.

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