Carla Bruni sublime, she dares a trendy and colorful make-up

“Don’t forget to watch my new clip” wrote Carla Bruni, as a caption under her last video posted on Instagram. The former first lady of France has indeed made her come back on the music scene on July 10, with a new song called Something. Through it, the Franco-Italian celebrity tackles the theme of love with elegance. On the occasion of her release, the artist had already shared a video on which she could be seen dancing and singing, accompanied by her musicians. More recently, she posted a very short video in which she appears with a sublime make-up. Through this, she invites her 508,000 Internet users to watch her new clip (the link of which is available in her Instagram biography).

Carla Bruni adopts the summer trend in make-up: color!

Last month, Carla Bruni appeared more trendy than ever with her haircut of the year (the long bob) styled to perfection. More recently, the singer knows again a great success on the web with her latest video in which she reveals a supple brushing, defined eyebrows, a luminous complexion, a nude mouth and a lightly colored look: Carla Bruni is causing a sensation with this beauty treatment that suits her perfectly! This choice of make-up is also totally in fashion this summer: with the wearing of a mask (due to the current health crisis), the current trend in eye makeup is… color schemes! We then dare pastel or neon eyeshadows, in order to highlight our gaze (our only asset really visible under a mask). The eyebrows are also very important since they define the look. Like Carla Bruni, we don’t hesitate to showcase them well!


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