CBD would help to quit!

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There could be an effective solution to quitting cannabis with CBD. We give you more details.

Quitting cannabis thanks to CBD? MCE TV gives you more details.

If young people try cannabis later and later, they still remain large consumers. And the risk of addiction can be significant.

However, some would like to drop out. Not always easy! Indeed, cannabis addiction is often taken lightly.

But then what to do when you are addicted and do we really want to pick up? Well, several solutions exist.

Beyond work on oneself and the support that detox requires, CBD could be a good ally. Indeed this one could help to quit for good.

Cannabis or CBD?

According to a new study published in The Lancet, CBD is believed to be effective in freeing cannabis users from their addiction. What is that ?

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CBD is a non-psychotropic component of cannabis. That is to say he has the same relaxing effects as this one.

But you will never feel “stoned” as they say. Also, it would help cannabis users to get rid of their addiction.

Researchers explain that it really takes find treatment for the “Cannabis use disorders”. So CBD could be a solution.

Indeed, according to the researchers this one could offer “A new medication”. However they don’t know yet what doses may be effective.

CBD actually acts like a placebo. The consumer therefore gradually frees himself from his addiction.

Know that in France, cannabis is the most widely used illicit substance. The diagnosis of dependence is made according to well-defined criteria set by international mental health bodies.

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Which ? Among these criteria is the loss of self-control. As well, the consequences of consumption on school or professional activities.

Would CBD be the good solution ? Case to be continued.


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