Celebrities are increasingly launching beauty lines

From September 3, Sephora stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico will be able to buy Rare Beauty cosmetics created by Selena Gomez. And recently, Jennifer Lopez also announced the imminent launch of the beauty line JLo Beauty. It seems that the time when the stars became the faces of the brand is long gone, now they themselves create collections for care and makeup. The Kardashian sisters, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the list can go on for a long time. Surprisingly, but among fans of their collections – not only the fans and butyric, but also professional makeup artists. We asked them to tell us about their favorite products that really deserve attention. See which celebrity produces the best hair products, which one has the most effective face masks, where to look for beautiful contouring palettes, and where to find the perfect body highlighter.

Lyudmila Anshakova
hairdresser, make-up artist

Dry shampoo, Black Seed Oil, CHI Luxury and dry conditioner, Kardashian Beauty


– I have always wondered why celebrities create their own beauty brands, because their makeup artists and hairdressers often have the perfect case. I found the answer when I took part in the creation of hair care products for the Kardashian sisters and the company Farouk Systems. It turns out that for celebrities it is important not only to participate in the name, but also the composition, result, and difference from other brands. When I tested new products from the Kardashians, I admired the smell, the instant result and the seriousness of the approach. I am glad that after the end of the contract, the market has retained developments with its sisters, called CHI Luxury. My favorite products from the line are dry shampoo and dry conditioner, they are not interchangeable on the backstage! 


Eye pencils, Haus Laboratories

– Among the decorative cosmetics in my top list are pencils from The lady Gaga brand Haus Laboratories. I love them for their variety of bright, persistent, juicy shades. The color palette inspires you to create interesting images.


Cream blush, Fenty Beauty

– Fenty Beauty cream blushes designed by Rihanna are absolute favorites among blushers. I love them for their plasticity and naturalness. The case when the brush easily creates a masterpiece!


Highlighter for the body Lava Body Luminizer, Fenty Beauty

– The third place is given to another tool from Rihanna-a highlighter for the body Lava Body Luminizer. It does not stain clothes, and its gel texture is instantly absorbed, but at the same time moisturizes the skin and creates a beautiful glow, like the Hollywood celebrities on the carpet. And the product has a very pleasant aroma!

Natalia Miller

makeup artist, stylist (@nmillermua)

Signature shadow palette, Smoky Eye Brick, Victoria Beckham Beauty

– I’m just thrilled with the smoky Eye Brick brand Victoria Beckham Beauty! For myself, I chose a Signature palette. My favorite technique is to apply a light beige Cami to the entire eyelid, then darken the eyelid crease with taupe Suede, then apply a pink Slip to the entire eyelid again, and finally apply a dark brown Saddle along the lash line.


Highlighter for the body Lava Body Luminizer, Fenty Beauty

– Rihanna’s Luminizing body Lava body highlighter is a godsend for my client-brides! It looks incredibly beautiful both on a tanned body and on light skin. Highlighter smells good, shines cool. And it does not stick to clothes, if you let the product dry. Yes, after a few hours, the sequins will fly a little, but this is a normal story for such products.

Alina Antonova

makeup artist of the Keep Looking salon chain

Sequins for eye makeup, Lid Lustre, Victoria Beckham Beauty

– I love pressed sequins from the brand Victoria Beckham Beauty. I use them as the last step in my eye makeup. Smokies look great with them!


Highlighters-contouring sticks and sticks, Match Stix, Fenty Beauty

– Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty has super comfortable highlighters-sticks and contouring sticks that can only be used as blush. Moreover, the line contains a large number of shades with natural radiance, as well as colored and shiny ones.

Jan Liventseva

makeup artist, travel blogger, art photographer, businesswoman (@yana_leventseva)

Makeup palette, Ambient Lighting, Hourglass Cosmetics

– Of all the star cosmetic lines presented, I particularly like  the Hourglass Cosmetics products fromRosie Huntington-Whiteley. I often use a palette for facial makeup. It contains a highlighter with a very soft and light texture, which perfectly “highlights” the skin, and it lasts for a long time. A separate compliment deserves blush and bronzer, they also “do not disappear” from the face during the day.


Face mask The Honest Prime + Perfect Mask, Honest Beauty

– In my makeup bag, you can also find products from Jessica Alba’s brand Honest Beauty. Attracts a safe and eco-friendly composition of products, the absence of tests on animals. In the morning I clean my skin with the Honest Prime mask + Perfect Mask with antioxidants and Shea butter. It not only relieves the skin of dead skin cells, but also moisturizes, gives radiance – just what you need before the start of the working day.  


Black seed oil for hair, Black Seed, CHI Luxury

– For hair care, I often use products from the line of sisters The Kardashians. Thanks to black cumin oil, hair becomes smoother and stronger. I recommend it!

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