Celebrity Big Brother: Surprise! This TV star moves in spontaneously

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TV News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

5th of August

“Celebrity BB”: Jenny Frankhauser moves up surprisingly

Two days before the start of this year’s season of “Celebrity Big Brother”, two candidates turn everything upside down again! Actually, the former “Berlin – Day & Night” star Saskia Beecks, 32, should live in the container from Friday, but she throws it before moving in and leaves the stage to another TV reality star: jungle camp winner Jenny Frankhauser, 27!

Saskia Beecks “checked out of the quarantine hotel”, as confirmed by Sat.1. “It wasn’t until I was in the hotel that I realized that ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ would have been too much for me. I felt that at the moment I needed peace and quiet instead of the challenge of living with unknown people in front of the cameras. I wanted to avoid it then I feel really bad in the house and then I got out, “says Saskia Beecks, explaining her decision.

Jenny Frankhauser is only too happy to accept the challenge, after all, she was able to prevail against her competitors in the Australian jungle and in the end even took the winnings home with her. Will she succeed in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house too? The half-sister of Daniela Katzenberger, 33, approaches the new project with mixed feelings: “I’m a little scared, but I’m really looking forward to the time. The good thing is: the audience knows that I could prepare myself zero So I don’t have a tactic or a strategy. I just go in and see what happens. “

The eighth season “Celebrity Big Brother” starts on Friday, August 7th at 8:15 pm on Sat.1.

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Celebrity Big Brother

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4th of August

“The Wendler & Laura – Now we are getting married”: Adeline Norberg should “look great”

Michael Wendler, 47, and Laura Norberg, 20 (formerly Müller) make no secret of the fact that they want a big wedding celebration. It is not yet known when the break will take place. But Wendler knows one thing for sure: he wants to have a say in the outfit of his daughter Adeline, 18. The singer is now telling this in the TVNow documentary “Der Wendler & Laura – Now is getting married”. “Of course we do that together,” he says. “You’re supposed to look great.”

But of course Adeline still has a say. “Everything but yellow,” she clarifies. And Papa Wendler follows another condition. “Something different besides black,” he demands.

In the end, the father and daughter agree on a red dress. And Laura also seems to be satisfied with this decision. Adeline may soon present the result on her Instagram account.

“Goodbye Germany”: Steff suffers from a rare blood disease

Friend Peggy is very worried about her lover Steff Jerkel: the TV emigrant is seriously ill. For a long time the doctors were at a loss. Steff was in severe pain and had a racing heart. Neither an internist nor a cardiologist could determine the reason for Steff’s pain. But after several examinations, the devastating diagnosis followed: Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP). During the disease, clots form in the blood vessels, which in the worst case scenario can trigger a stroke.

The rare blood disease is life-threatening. Patients with TTP can experience a wide range of symptoms – including fever, fatigue, headache, confusion, and bruising or blotching on the skin.

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Steff Jerkel is now taking medication. He has also undergone a blood wash. He has to keep a diet, exercise and avoid parties. Meanwhile, the TV emigrant is fine again.

3rd August

“ZDF-Fernsehgarten”: Andrea Kiewel sends greetings from the home office

Last Sunday, all the fans of the “ZDF television garden” waited in vain for Andrea Kiewel, 55, to appear. Instead, the station showed Helene Fischer with “Can you feel that?” – a recording of their concert in Hamburg 2018. And Kiwi? She used the time to relax.

The presenter is currently showing her fans on Instagram how well she did the relaxation. And they have to look twice at the sight of kiwi!

Perfectly tanned, without make-up and with an open mane, Andrea Kiewel inspires Instagram users! “Happy Monday to all of you! We’ll finally be back for you on Sunday!”, Comments the 55-year-old on her snapshot from the home office.

The fans can’t stop raving: “Very nice picture”, “Hello Kiwi, the photo looks amazing” and “Hey cool outfit, nice hairstyle” can be read under the article. We also think: this photo is absolutely successful!

“Goodbye Germany”: Caro + Andreas Robens make a sad confession

Since they emigrated to Mallorca, the two fitness fans have become an integral part of the documentary soap “Goodbye Germany” and have become real cult stars: Caro Robens, 41, and her husband Andreas. But now a new project is waiting for the two cult emigrants: “The summer house of the stars”. Since May 2020, the two have been traded as potential candidates for the RTL show, which was also confirmed with the start of filming in June. But there is a sad reason for participating.

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The two VOX emigrants openly admit that the fee was the motivation for participating. “You can now say, yes, the challenge, etc. That is complete nonsense. It is of course the money,” said Andreas Robens. And Caro Robens adds: “It is nonsense to say that we only took part because of the experience or because we had nothing to do. Of course, also because the money was damn good to use during the Corona period.”

The two reality TV stars had neither guests nor income. Ultimately, they had to close their restaurant due to the corona. Hopefully the two of them will soon be able to do business again with the sum from the “summer house of the house”.

The total of eleven episodes of the new season of the “Sommerhaus der Stars” will start on Wednesday, September 9th at 8:15 pm on RTL.

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