Celine Dion shoulder-length hair, poses young alongside a big star: do you recognize her?

Followed by 4.4 million followers on Instagram, Celine Dion who appeared in a totally crazy look until recently is a world-renowned singer. On the Web, she shares moments of her professional life and her most beautiful beauty treatments. Not long ago Celine Dion unveiled an ultra-trendy hairstyle that changes her, and super easy to reproduce. She also displayed ultra-curly short hair, or with full eyebrows when she was younger. Something to delight his many fans who love to follow his different looks over the years ! Yesterday, Tuesday July 28, the Quebec celebrity with the golden voice published a snapshot that exudes nostalgia, with Barbra Streisand (an American singer currently 78 years old), both younger. The shock duo released the single Tell Him in 1997: a real success!

Celine Dion young with Barbra Streisand: her fans love it!

The shot in question passed 127,000 likes and received a lot of reviews: “Two superb singers”, “The most legendary collaboration in the history of music, two icons”, “Best duet”, “Always beautiful” can we read in the comments (written mostly in English). The interpreter of My heart will go on appears brighter than ever, with a dreamy complexion, pronounced make-up on the eyes, brown hair and a supple brushing. The photo probably dates from 1997, Celine Dion was then 29 years old (and Barbra Streisand 55 years old). Today, aged 52, the artist has superb blonde hair, which she wears beautifully. What do you think ?

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