Celine Dion unveils old video with ultra-thin eyebrows and make-up

While the talented Celine Dion has just appeared canon in old pic with song star Barbra Streisand, the interpreter of My heart will go on just posted a snapshot of her again at the end of the 1990s. Indeed, the beautiful blonde sings in the studio and records the title Tell Him, released in 1997 as a duet with Barbara Streisand. And she is simply canon ! The beauty has already posted several pictures of her like the one she is on appears with thick eyebrows and curly hair in the 1980s or even in the years 2000/2010 when she had red hair. She even shared photos with short hair, a cannon haircut she wore in the 1990s. A style that stands out next to the cut she has recently adopted: a platinum blonde square very trendy which suits him perfectly.

Celine Dion shares an old cliché: she is superb

Celine Dion has been able to adapt her dress and hair style, as well as her beauty treatments to the different eras that she has gone through throughout her career. First, the star has very fine eyebrows, characteristics of the time, even if the trend of the thin eyebrow made a brief comeback thanks to top models like Bella Hadid.

Here in this video she has makeup that mixes perfectly well the trends of the years 1990/2000. His eyes are made up in black, with a black pencil line on the mobile eyelid and in the lower mucosa, very trendy at that time. Then, the mobile eyelid was also covered with a light shadow. This clear eye shadow trend is coming back this year, and it’s hot for the summer. Another great fashion that returns in 2020: the lip contour makeup. Yes, you read that correctly: putting a darker pencil around the mouth is very trendy. But no question of putting a very dark pencil and a light lipstick like Celine Dion’s on the video. Indeed, the trend is present but adapted to 2020 : we prefer a pencil whose color is either the same as the lipstick, or a little darker. Do you like Celine Dion’s makeup?



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